Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Third Time Is Not So Charming

The house was relatively quiet. The kids were all playing with toys or watching PBS. Then, I prompted the older two to run upstairs to get dressed so we would be ready to leave for a Christmas party.

"Mom, Lucy's hair is all wet," Sam called down from their room.

Perplexed, I heaved my 9 month twin pregnant body, complete with cankles and marshmallow feet, out of my chair and made my way upstairs to investigate. The bathroom door was closed and had the childproof doorknob cover on it, so I knew she hadn't been playing in there. I get into their room, and I saw her wet head and couldn't figure out how in the world she managed it. I then realized what it was.

It wasn't water.

This was not the first time I had seen this.

In fact, this had happened in our house TWICE before.

It was Vaseline. Vaseline in her soft, fine baby hair.

This is a mommy nightmare.

This is a 9 month twin pregnant mommy's seventh level of hell.

You see, this happened twice before with Maryn. Sam had found Vaseline and smeared it into her baby fine hair when she was about 12 months. I even blogged about it here. The first time, I took a picture and tried to be calm about it. The second time, I just got mad. I learned to put the Vaseline on a tall shelf out of sight.

Three and a half years have passed, and just this morning, I saw Vaseline in their room and quickly grabbed it and put it away in the bathroom closet on a high shelf.

But she found ANOTHER container in the twins' room (which was closed, but the door must not have been fully latched) and smeared it all over her head and all over their dresser and a few toys (that I know of...there may yet be more).

So, I sent Sam to grab the camera, and I determined to be calm while I got down on the bathroom floor and attempted to wash her long hair with baking soda, dish soap, and baby soap.

Lucy prior to her bath-her hair is NOT wet. That is just the vaseline.

Unfortunately, she is a greaseball.

And thankfully, we aren't having Christmas family portraits taken.

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  1. Oh, I feel your pain. The only thing worse might be the Desitin that we had smeared all over the rocking chair cushion...it DOES NOT was out.

    Glad you took pictures. You will smile about this later (maybe much later, but smile nonetheless)

    Blessings to you.


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