Sunday, June 19, 2011

My Own Personal Bob Ross

Dave is creative.  He can draw, paint, write poetry, play the guitar...he's talented.  We've recently been watching a lot of Bob Ross with the kids on Saturday mornings.  We're fascinated with how easy he makes it look.  As I began thinking about what I wanted to get Dave for Father's Day, I first thought that a Bob Ross art kit would be perfect.  They're really expensive when you buy them at Hobby Lobby, but I got one for HALF online.  

He was so excited when I let him open his gift a day early (I have such a hard time waiting!!!).  He has painted with acrylics and watercolors plenty of times before, but this was his first venture into oil painting.  I am so proud of him.  I think he did a great job.

Here he is in action!

Smoothing out the bottom of the mountain to make it all misty.

Impressive, eh??

Rockin' it Bob Ross style!  

Adding the land and happy trees...

Time for some bushes and reflection in the water

The finished masterpiece!  

Happy Father's Day to my most talented husband!  The kids are gonna flip when they wake up in the morning and see this!!!


  1. And, he's a doctor. What a catch!

  2. I love it! You guys are so fabulous :)

  3. That looks awesome! I love me some Bob Ross and some Dave Geidl, that's a great gift and such talent!

  4. WOW!!! Way to go DAVE!!! That is GORGEOUS! The kids really are going to flip...what a wonderful gift idea :-)

  5. and he did it in one night? wow! Looks awesome.

  6. @becca
    Becca, I don't know if you've ever watched Bob Ross, but it only takes him 30 minutes to do a painting. Dave was following along with Bob on a DVD, and we had to pause it several times and rewind because Bob is so fast. Dave did it in about 90 minutes. He will get faster, I'm sure, as he gets the hang of all the techniques. If you've never watched Bob Ross, you should. He is on Saturday mornings on AETN. We DVR it every week! :)

  7. Oh wow, that's really good. I am very impressed.

  8. LOVE it! that is so fun. Emily and I used to watch B.R. every Saturday. I can't believe they still air that.

    you can add "great sense of humor" to Dave's list of attributes. it's obviously been a while, but he used to make me laugh so hard i would cry!

  9. Hi Amanda and Dave! My secret is out! All along my family thought my paintings were the result of an immense talent! I took college classes for oil painting but I actually learned with William Alexander's books (Walter Foster Publications). "The Happy Painter" was older than Bob Ross - similar technique. When you want to expand your subjects, another book I've found invaluable is "Painting Better Landscapes" by Margaret Kessler. Painting is the one thing I do that I completely lose track of time. Handfuls of hours seems like one half hour! Love your first work!

  10. Amazing! I used to love Bob Ross....haven't watched him in ages. I don't think I could ever achieve a picture like Dave did, though. Wow, I'd love to have one of those on my wall. :)

  11. Holy SMOKES! That is amazing. I was forced to watch Bob Ross on Saturday Mornings with my parents followed by the old Yankee workshop. Yes I was tortured as a child ;)


  12. @Anonymous Caroline, I was also raised on Saturday morning PBS. Bob Ross, New Yankee Workshop, This Old House...good times!!!


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