Thursday, June 16, 2011

New Things

1.  Felix is getting his first tooth.  It broke through the other day.  Milo is still toothless.

2.  Milo started pushing up on his hands and knees.

And does some push-ups that I will never be able to do.

Felix still won't roll from back to belly, but he loves his feet.

3.  Felix jabbers all the time.  Milo just started trying out his voice.

Not the same, folks!  It's neat to see how their personalities assist them in their development.

1.  Lucy had a 103+ fever for four days.  I am glad it went away.

2.  Sam has poison ivy (or something).  It's EVERYWHERE.

3.  Maryn and I are getting our hair cut on Saturday.  I'm going back to my pixie ways.  These locks are driving me crazy.

In other news:

1.  I really, really like The Vespers.

2.  I also really like Ray LaMontagne (I realize I'm a bit slow to hop on this boat...but I had twins, so give me a break.)

3.  Dave and I are still working on our movie project blog.  We are getting more accomplished since it is summer and our shows aren't on.  I will be posting about Dr. Zhivago soon.  Next up is In the Heat of the Night.

4.  I finally got some important things mailed.  It makes me feel better to get them out of the house.

5.  Working on a sweater for my friend, Manda.  It's actually for her baby girl, Charlie, who needs to hurry up and get here so we can see how cute she is.

6.  I found some new cotton yarn colors to add to my granny square afghan that I'm patterning after this lovely one.

That is all.  Sorry to be brief and shallow.  :)  My thoughts are quite unorganized these days, and my opportunities to blog are few--so this is what you get today!!!  Thanks to those who read--I am shocked you still do--I hope to someday be interesting again!


  1. Don't know if Sam is itchy or not (I'm assuming so), but oatmeal baths have been a life saver for us with poison ivy. Use your food processor to make a powder out of regular rolled oats (NOT quick oats). Put several cups of it in a big sock, knot the sock, and throw in a warm bath. He can use the sock to rub the rash to his heart's content. I would suggest letting him soak for at least 20 minutes. The sock will be good for another day or so, but after 2 days it starts to stink--so be sure to empty it out or throw it away.

  2. I'm glad I get to keep up on your goings-on. I need to blog. I should. I'm debating what is blog-worthy these days...

  3. @ktNcompany
    Katie, I've found that if I wait until I'm inspired, I go forever between posts. Sometimes, some boring stuff is read my post, didn't you? :) It's all blog-worthy, I guess.

  4. Those are beautiful pictures. I love the light in your house, the windows and the sunshine make it so lovely. I really hope to see you and your sweet children soon. Oh and In the Heat of the Night is so freakin' good. We watched it just about a month ago and I swear it is alarming to think that the movie is only like 40 years ago, not 120! Scary!


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