Thursday, June 9, 2011

Our Memorial Day

 Dave was on call Memorial Weekend, so we stuck around town.  We had thought up a few plans, but when all was said and done, we ended up picking up dinner and heading to the park.

After we ate, the kids ran straight for the swings.  Lucy LOVES to swing.  She would do it forever, I'm pretty sure.

Maryn likes swinging, and can pump her legs really well, but she also loves to swing on her belly.

I gave Sam a few underdogs (remember those?).

By the way, his hair is not long anymore.  We got it cut short for the summer last weekend.  He looks so mature!  I will have to get some pics to put on here.

After the swings, they headed to the merry-go-round.  I liked this picture the best.

While the kids were playing, the babies just chilled in the stroller.  They were pretty good for awhile.



Our playground has equipment either as old as I am or older.  Kids don't seem to mind.

The babies started to fuss, so we headed off on a walk.  Our park connects to a walking track by ball fields.  We headed that direction and ran into some acquaintances and stopped to talk.  Lucy began running everywhere and making me nervous.  It's hard to keep an eye on that girl!  I like this action shot--definitive Lucy!!!

Maryn picked some weeds flowers for me.  I let her carry them.  :)

It was a nice, relaxing evening.  I so love my family.

Thank you, veterans, for your sacrifices that make our peaceful lives here possible.


  1. Thanks for sharing your beautiful day, your beautiful family and your beautiful life with folk like me. Love you!

  2. oh, that last picture...with the is really great!
    they are all great. L & M could look like twins too. I bet when F & M are bigger it will appear as though your family has two sets of twins!!


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