Thursday, June 10, 2010

A Round of Therapy for Everyone!

Well, not everyone. But two of my kids are going into therapy. Not psychological therapy--I'm sure they'll have a day for that when they're older, but hopefully not!

Sam has started physical therapy for his leg. He is still walking around like he has a cast on his leg. It is straight out. We've been doing exercises mainly to help him gain confidence. The therapist said he has the range of motion he needs, he just also needs a good dose of "I can do it!". He is very afraid of bending his leg too far, and so he fights against it. He did much better with the PT than he did with us. But, we still get to do his exercises with him three times a day. I am praying he gains this confidence soon and starts to walk and run normally.

Lucy is being scheduled for a developmental evaluation (because several of her gross motor milestones were a bit late) and a speech evaluation (because she is a little behind on her speech). This is the kind of thing I thought I would freak out about, but I am not. She is SO smart--she's a little mimic, and she understands all the commands I give her. I think her hearing is fine--she responds to me from another room even if she can't see me. It could be that she's just mellow like her dad, and she doesn't care too much about keeping up with brother and sister. Either way, the sooner she gets help, the better. If you wait until after age 3, it is less corrective and more compensatory.

I am 9 weeks today, and I am feeling pretty well. This has honestly been the least sick I've felt in any pregnancy. I have moments, but I've figured out how to manage them better and keep myself from getting there. I'm still pretty tired, but even that is not as bad this time. I am going to be very busy the next couple of weeks with appointments--I've got Sam's PT appointments, Lucy's appointments, and I have two risk assessment appointments and a midwife appointment.

I am getting the sewing bug. This is a good thing because I have a few projects I have yet to finish. I feel like a heel when I promise something and don't come through. Sorry, Christy, I really haven't forgotten your purse (and I'm actually having a fabric dilemma and may need to go shopping!!!). I have grand plans to sew. I don't have much free time to do it since I nap during naptime now. :) But, as my energy returns, I am sure I will be sewing more than I should.

Today, we are headed to the library because they are having Kindersongs today. I think the kids will enjoy it. Now, I must go brush my teeth!


  1. Hey don't worry about it!! I feel blessed that you are making one for me.

  2. How old is Lucy now? I'd love to hear more about her milestones. As you probably know, Ella is in both PT and speech as well. Still not walking at almost 18 months, but very mobile in her own ways. And she has some mild feeding issues (namely that she doesn't chew much if at all) and has very few words.

  3. Okay, I can't count, Ella is almost 17 months. Not 18.


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