Thursday, June 3, 2010


Sam gets his cast off today! I am so glad. I am ready for his leg to be clean.

He doesn't want it removed. I think he is scared. I tried to explain how it would come off. We shall see how he does when we get there.

I'm thinking we will have lunch at Chick-Fil-A.

I wish Dave didn't have to work today. His mini-vacay ended Tuesday.

We had a lovely weekend in KC. We ate great food, saw a movie, napped, went to a museum, and spent some quality time at the International House of Prayer. We are very refreshed.

We missed the kiddos, though. I think they missed us a little bit. :) I think Lucy missed us the most.

My brother is amazacrazy and fixed our drainage problems. Yea!!! We are hoping this means no more of me in the garage with the shop vac every time it rains.

My family watched the kids, and the adults survived. The kids survived too. :)

Yesterday was our 8-year anniversary. My husband encouraged me big-time in his awesome card fashioned with the Super 8 logo. We do traditional anniversary gifts, and this year is pottery/bronze. He bought me a ceramic pot from 1956 that was traditionally used for beans. I am going to use it for cookies. :) His gift has not arrived yet, but I will be sure to show it when it does.

Well, that's my update. Wish it could have been more exciting! Happy Thursday!


  1. Well well well a lot's been going on in your little corner of the world Missy!!!

    We've been on hiatus and it's been great! I'll pray for your new little one. Read Ps 34:4 (i think, the verse about fear). We'll pray God's protection over you!

    On your movie post I haven't seen any of those shows. Truth be told we just don't watch that much tv around here. It's all a bunch of junk.

  2. Way to go, Manda! I have had crazy thoughts about a home birth. My friend, Lydia, had two home births and they went great. She was a super trooper and went to a midwife in NLR. I do not want to do a home birth, because after all I have children already at home! I would LOVE to go to a birthing clinic though but good ol' Arkansas, as backwoods as we are just doesn't have any options except maybe in Hippieville Eureka Springs or up near Fayetteville. Maybe you can get your midwifery license and I'll get a nursing degree specializing in obstetrics and lactation, and we'll just open our own??!!


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