Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Birthweek 2010 Conclusion

Dave outdid himself. But I'm super thankful he did. I've been wanting one of these for several years now.

He got me a new camera--the Nikon D3000. It's perfect for me because it fits my skill level without being too extravagant (though it costs more than a point and shoot). I am so thankful and blessed, and I can't wait to learn my way around it. I'm thankful I'm familiar with manual settings because I intend to use them frequently.

I think now that I have a better camera, you will be seeing more pictures on my blog again. I quit for awhile because it was so hard with my old camera--the focus was janky, and the picture quality was not great. It was just not so nice. :)

And, no, I was not surprised about this gift...like I said before, he's not sneaky enough for this lady.


  1. YAY!!! Sooo glad you got a new camera...I KNEW he would pull through this year!!! :-)

  2. You said "janky". Yes! Oh, the things I miss about you, Amanda. Happy, happy birthday, friend. Best wishes to you TODAY - better late than never, right?

  3. Janky is a great and very useful word! I'm so excited to see pics from the new amazing camera, especially of some bebe twins coming soon to a Geidlhaus near you!

  4. What a great gift!!! I am sure you will have so so much using it! Great time to have a better camera with the twins coming!
    Love, JO

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