Sunday, November 7, 2010

My Quiet Life

It's cold. It is 28 degrees. I am wearing socks--this is monumental. Socks typically make my feet hot, and then my whole body overheats (even if I'm not pregnant). This has only been happening to me for a few years-kinda strange.

Our leaves have turned and are halfway gone. It's time to get warm and cozy and stay in the house--thankfully, I now enjoy this part of life.

There are a few new things with us:

  • I sprained my foot last weekend. It still hurts to walk on it, and there is still some swelling--not much, but enough that it makes my shoe too tight. There are some pretty purple and blue bruises on it as well. Festive.
  • Baby A (Felix) is now breech. He flipped. We are praying he flips back over or I will be having a c-section. I have heard some stories of twins with the first breech that turned out alright, but I've also heard otherwise. Bottom line: my doctor doesn't feel comfortable with it, and he is comfortable with breech deliveries--just not with the first twin. So, if you would, pray that Felix turns over. Either way, things will turn out alright, but it is hard to deal with the reality of it all. I'm getting there--slowly.
  • My emotions are out of control. Steer clear.
  • I wish my body wasn't so cumbersome right now; I would love to be taking walks in this fine weather. Instead, I just look out the window. When I walk, I feel like Godzilla or Frankenstein. In fact, we had to do some grocery shopping last night, and for the first time ever, I drove a motorized cart. It was great.
  • My life is quieter now than it has ever been in the friendship department. This isn't a bad thing, although it is an adjustment. I'm learning with this codependency thing how often I was turning to friends for fulfillment instead of Christ. I have by no means arrived, but I am catching myself about to pick up the phone, and then I will stop and take it to Him first. It isn't easy. I am thankful for my friends who have let me "get it all out," but I am even more thankful that they aren't assuming His place in my life.
  • I've purged my facebook a couple of times to either get rid of those I never talk to or those who try to fix me. It's been good so far. I am also being much more reserved in accepting friend requests from people that I don't really know that well or people that I don't think need to be seeing so much of what I say. :)
  • My husband has been working extremely long hours (especially for someone who is finished with his training!), and it is wearing on all of us. I am thankful that in a month or so, his nurse practitioner will return from maternity leave and lighten the load a little bit. We've had some disturbing news about his call schedule for the next year, and we're praying for God to send some relief. We need relief in so many areas...
  • We have decided to look for a different body of believers. Things were pretty crazy where we were at, and we didn't have peace about staying in that kind of environment. We felt things were not being handled in a Biblical manner, and we don't feel like it is a healthy place to be. We love the people we connected with and will continue to love them.
It is quiet, Dave is off for the first day in a few weeks, so I am going to go drink something decaf and hot next to him on the couch while he plays a game on his phone. ;)


  1. I love you, friend :) It would be nice to hang out. Let me know when you're next headed to Tu-- oh wait. Are you open to visitors, or does the thought exhaust you? Praying for Dave's scheduling issues.

  2. Nice update. I said a prayer for you after reading but I also felt warmed inside at the things you are experiencing. Growth is good and cozying up for winter makes my heart swell too. Hang in there, my friend!

  3. Hang on, I gotta check something out right quick....

    Whew, OK Good, we're still FB friends.

    SO excited I made the cut!!!

    HAHAHA!! Really though, though provoking thought for the day: Am I the type of person that tries to fix people? OH I hope I never become that person. Between you and me that type is annoying...

    So, about the friend department. I feel like I'm just coming out of a dry time with that so I'll be praying for you because it is a strange bittersweet time when that area feels barron.

    Your post made me want to light a fire and make some hot chocolate!


    p.s. You are one of my favorite people to hang out with even though we only hang out like 1.7 times per year!!! AND, I think you are cute as a button!


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