Thursday, October 28, 2010

What We're Doing

What we're doing about Halloween:

We aren't the celebratory type when it comes to scary stuff, so we are buying some candy, stuff for s'mores, and we're building a bonfire in our yard. We're gonna veg out with our kids and make ourselves a little sick with sweets. You are welcome to join us.

What we're doing about getting ready for babies:

We are buying a bunch of stuff. We haven't registered anywhere--too much hassle. We've got our carseats which is huge. We are contemplating having them in the pack and play in our room, but it won't fit well on the side of the bed. Anyone want to make me a cradle? I didn't want to pay $150 for a bassinet. Will be checking into co-sleepers as a cheaper alternative. I've got sheets, mattress pads, towels, washcloths. What do we need? Clothes. And I need to buy the rest of the cloth diapers I will need. I'll use disposables until they're about 8-9 lbs. I guess we need those too.

What we're doing for my birthday?

Ask Dave. He better come up with something good. :) Look out 31.

And Lucy's birthday???

I'm planning a party for her a few days before OUR birthday. Yes, we share our birthday. So, party for her, and I get Birthweek 2010.

What we're doing for Thanksgiving:

Dave's mom and grandma are coming to cook. Dave is on call. I plan on watching the parade.

What we're doing about Sam's Christmas Birthday:

Well, it all depends on when these boys arrive. I would like to have a party for Sam with some of his friends a few weeks before Christmas. I'll be 37 weeks on Dec. 23rd, so I could have babies by Christmas Day or maybe not! I have no clue. This one is being played by ear. As is Christmas. I am planning on a fake tree this year because it may be a while before we're able to take one down. :)

What we're doing about Christmas gifts:

I don't know. We're thinking donations to charities in people's names. We did this one year before, and we didn't get much reaction...don't know if that was good or bad! Whatever we do, it's gotta be simple.

What we're doing about staying sane:

We are taking life one day at a time--with as much pre-planning as possible! :) No, really, we are not worrying and fretting over how things are going to go once our darlings are born. We are learning to be content and trust our Father to provide what we need in terms of help and sleep and childcare. We are trying to enjoy our time with our three children before life gets crazy. We are hoping we can stay focused on our Father and His love in the midst of all of these changes. He has been so good and faithful and kind to us, and we are so thankful for Him.


  1. There are lots of happenings in the coming winter for the Geidlbots, but you are so right that God will not leave you high and dry when things get tough around your house! ;) I'm really excited to share in this adventure with you. You have such sweet and precious children and I honestly wonder sometimes how people must look at their own children if they can't just see the blessing they really are! I admit, I get overwhelmbed sometimes by the pure energy it takes to keep up with them though!

  2. I liked the information here! I got all kinds of warm fuzzies inside reading how you plan to do your halloween celebrations...oh my word, just sounds lovely. :) Hey, I was thinking of you when this blog came through on my google reader...I imagine sewing is the last thing on your mind right now, but you could bookmard it for future!
    Keep well and enjoy nurturing those babies!

  3. Hey, thanks for the nuts-and-bolts update; I loved it. And I mean it, no joke-I really can't think of anything, nothing at all even by my very wildest stretches of creativity, that sounds more fantastic than a Halloween avec Les Geidls... snacks, bonfire, not-terribly-scary costumes... man, that sounds utterly pristine by every measure I've come to hold dear.

    My mom has a TON of baby stuff, inclduing perhaps a cradle. I'll be passing through central AR for Thanksgiving; want me to start looking into getting that for you guys?

    [Email me with any thoughts, in case I forget to check back here...]

  4. Sounds like a good plan.
    We didn't do Halloween either.
    Still don't. I like to focus on Thanksgiving.
    However...we did buy huge amounts of rubbish (candy) for the children to consume! They never did without rubbish!
    I remember a few times doing s'mores together. BTW: Those little hershey bars work well on s'mores.

    When we were expecting our twins, we did lay-away. When you have #4 and #5, there are no showers of stuff. Besides, you know what you need more than anyone. You know?
    I was thankful for our church ladies who all went together and bought us car seats. What a HUGE help! They each embroidered a little something on a cloth diaper for burp clothes. I had maybe thirty of those. Loved that.
    Can't imagine how much car seats would be now. Back then, they ran about $30 each.

    Keep a little journal if you can.
    Even a sentence a day will be fun to look back upon.


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