Thursday, September 15, 2011

God's Classroom


The Color Green Lyrics


I highly recommend listening to this song by Rich Mullins, The Color Green, while you read this post.  :)

The high today is supposed to be 74.  I knew the kids had to be outside most of today, if possible.  So, we took our lessons outside along with our nature box and socks and jackets.  The children played between subjects.  The babies joined us for a little while.

It was wonderful.

The breeze was cool.  The air was fresh.  And we are all plumb tuckered out.

Our Classroom

Hard at work

Getting fresh air and looking so cute in pants and long-sleeved shirts!

What is this?

Our pup dog, Woodrow

So sweet.

Sam, 1st Grade

Maryn, Kindergarten

Lucy, footloose and fancy-free (almost 3!)

And me, the teacher, once again.


  1. We've been enjoying today too! Sat on the patio this morning and read our Bibles-it's been a glorious day!

  2. Hey thanks for checking out our blog. You have great taste in movies and music, by the way!


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