Thursday, September 15, 2011

A-Rambling We Go

I haven't had the time or motivation to blog lately. I also think that laundry, dishes, and schooling doesn't sound super interesting. But just in case it does, here ya go.

I have found that adding school back into my schedule has really made a difference in my amount of free time. I have struggled to find moments of rest or time to do something fun. That is something I would like to figure out. I've noticed it is important for me to have some time for myself so I can breathe and think in quiet. Dave has been helping me in this department, and I am so thankful he serves me like this.

I am actually really enjoying homeschooling this year. I am much more relaxed, and the kids are not rushed or pressured. We take our time, and I attend to Lucy and the babies as needed.

Sam is learning a lot of great mental math methods. He is reading a few grades ahead, and his penmanship is impressive. He seems to enjoy school more this year, and I think my attitude change is a big part of that. He is constantly making something out of paper. He loves origami.

Maryn loves school. She is actually ahead of her math book, but I am not rushing her to complete extra. She is doing awesome with her reading and is learning to figure out words she doesn't know on her own. Her penmanship improves all the time. Her grip is a little strange, so I try to gently correct it. She loves making kitty-cat masks with paper and pipe cleaners (her design!).

I have been reading aloud a book my Great-Great Uncle David Unsell wrote, _Roxy the Raccoon_, about his pet raccoon. It has been a fun story and the kids love hearing about Roxy's adventures. I think it is super cool to have a story like this from our family. I met my Great-Great Uncle David when I was eight. He came to my Great Grandpa's funeral. He was hard of hearing and had one of those ear trumpets that we had to speak into. I am glad I met him and now have this bit of history from his life. The kids are narrating the story back to me in pictures. They are getting quite good at drawing raccoons.

Lucy's speech is improving all the time. She often surprises me with some of the things she says. She is a funny girl. The cutest thing is how she says "grand-daddy longlegs." I have got to get it on video. She loves to color. She loves watching Curious George. She calls him, "Georgie."

Felix is pulling up on the furniture now. He is getting two more teeth--this will make six for him. He says, "dug-a-dug-a-dug-a" and it is so funny. He grins a lot. He seems to like baby food alright. He also has learned to point, to wave, and to clap.

Milo is starting to cruise around the furniture. He has zero teeth, but his gums are swollen, so we are expecting some to come in soon. He wants food, but has a pretty strong gag reflex and is figuring out how to manipulate it. He has also learned to point. He doesn't say "ma-ma" much anymore :(, but he is saying "da-da" now.

Stay tuned shortly for a post full of pictures of our day in school OUTSIDE!

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  1. I miss you! I am frantically searching for a new normal so I can return to things like reading / writing blogs :)


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