Monday, July 13, 2009

Wish I Had a Title, but I Don't. So there.

Trying to think of what to say.

Sunroom is unpacked. It looks a lot better. We need another desk in here. I'm planning on taking over the old desk and making it my sewing desk. Dave wants a bigger desk for the computer (and for MY calendar). I want a big desk calendar like I had when I was teaching. I like to look at it and write everything down that I need to do. I forget more now that I have three kids. Like right now, I know I have a bunch of things I was supposed to do--like pay student loans, change addresses, send support $, but my head is swimming. I'm ready to get organized in the sweet moolah department.

I also want to secondhand shop for a queen sized bed frame so we can have a bed in the sunroom for guests. We want to buy a new mattress/box springs for it b/c our parents are all creaky in the back. I mean no disrespect. :)

We got a roof estimate, painting estimate, and now we're waiting on a sign-on bonus to help out with the repairs/painting. I told Dave to take a rest this time and let someone else paint. I didn't want him to use his whole break painting like we did before residency started. He has been working so hard for the last seven years, I think a mini-vaca is reasonable.

I bought some precious lime-green 100% cotton, it has little fabric dots (of the same color) on it. I wish I knew what it was called. I also bought a SWEET knit print that's all Japanese looking--mainly white with black and red flowery stuff on it. MORE SKIRTS FOR ME.

We've picked out our paint colors. They are as follows (for those of you who recall how bright our former home was, this one is not AS bright, and is even more IKEA than the other house):

(All paint is Behr paint from Home Depot can be viewed at

Living room-- Anonymous (a medium gray)

Accent Recessed Area--Dark Granite (a dark gray)

Dining Room-- 1 Full Wall- Anonymous
3 Walls with chair rail--bottom is Anonymous, top is California Poppy (a brightish red that matches our red chairs)

Kitchen-- New Green (it's darker than the green in our old kitchen--kind of a lighter shade of avocado?)

Lucy's Room--One accent wall will be Traditional (a brown)...trying to decide about the other three walls. We want it gender neutral since it is a nursery, and we don't think we're done having babies. But, the room is so small, we don't want it ALL brown. Her nursery decor is the pink/brown combo we had for Maryn, so we want THAT to coordinate too...decisions, decisions...

We're leaving the sunroom white. The hallways will be gray and white in spots. Our room is remaining the robin egg blue and the kids' room will remain the yellowish/green color it is (similiar to our old kitchen). The bathrooms are another story...they need to be completely revamped, so we're talking remodelling them...color will come last.

Wish I had pictures for you...The before and after pictures will be fun.

I'm going to stop now, b/c I'm about positive you're bored to tears. I am, at least.


  1. we bought this house last summer and it was built in 1990...our bathrooms are not desirable really at all. i pulled wallpaper and repainted, which helped a ton, but our bath has blue marble tub, shower and lavratory, while the guest has peach...sounds just beautiful huh?? it will cost a few thousand to redo it all, so obviously we're stuck for a while. :)

  2. I am never bored reading your posts- keep them coming!

  3. as i've said, progress is progress. keep it comin'! glad to hear you're doing well :)

  4. Nope, I love reading about redecorating :) But yes, I DO want to see some pictures soon!
    What about a cream color with the brown? It'll go with the pink brown and would also look good with greens or blues if you have another boy.... and lighten things up. Or if that's too blah, do light green which would still look good with both pinks and blues :)

  5. Not bored at all. :) Sorry I haven't commented in forever...

    Lucy's room-how about like a cream color for the other three walls? Or maybe a bright green (not to bright) on the wall opposite the brown wall and the other two walls in cream? That's pretty gender neutral and I bet it will go with the stuff you've already got.

    Love you! Was so good to see you last week. Wish it could have been longer. Muah!

  6. I am liking the Anonymous, and I'm super amazed at your quick paint color picking skills. It took me weeks and months to get mine picked out and then some. Not that the house is anywhere near finished in that department. Anyway, we have a black metal full sized bed frame that you guys are welcome to borrow until such time as when small children aren't spilling out of all our bedrooms. :) I know it's not a queen, but it's free besides the whole figuring out how to get it to your house thing.

  7. Those paint colors sound so fun! I love rooms with good color. The red and gray combination sounds really pretty. I like that the name of the gray paint is Anonymous! That's cute.

  8. Cam and I added on a master bed and bath and we painted our room gray with a red accent wall... love it! :) and if you're still looking for a queen frame, you should give freecycle a try.


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