Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Things to Celebrate!

1. My brother has finally made me an aunt! I have two nieces and a nephew by marriage, but this morning about 2am, Addison Mae joined our family, and I now have a niece by blood. It is VERY exciting, and I can't wait to meet her and cuddle her. Miranda sent me a picture on my phone, and she is just adorable. She looks a lot like my brother! It is fun to see him in a little baby.

2. The painting is almost finished. The house looks great. We are slowly seeing it come together. I can't wait to post pictures!

3. Maryn is going on the potty quite well. She has had fewer #1 and #2 accidents. Her biggest hangup with #2 is that she wants to do it all by herself...which makes for a messy situation. :( But, she's getting it down, and I am so proud of her!

4. We may be buying a van today! We have shopped around, and we found an older Odyssey for a good price. We want to pay cash, so we can't spend much. It has quite a few miles, but we are having our mechanic in Conway take a looksie at it this afternoon. If he gives it a clean bill of health, we will more than likely purchase it! I haven't completely gotten my hopes up about it, but I am excited. This is something we have been waiting for since February of 2008.

5. We're gearing up for a week of meeting people. Dave has several functions to attend next week to let people know he's in the area. I'm hoping to figure out some activities for the kids and me to do together.

6. We're trying one more church this week, and unless God tells us to wait, we will be making a decision quite soon on where to attend. This has been a very difficult process for us. We are really seeking His peace and direction for where to be. You can join us in prayer for guidance and discernment in this situation.

7. Dave starts working on Friday! He's excited and nervous. I'm so happy for him, and I hope all goes well.

8. I have a new project--rag rugs. I'm starting off on just one, and we'll see how it goes. I'll post pics when I am finished. My friend, Carrie, sent me the tutorial which can be found HERE.

What are you celebrating?


  1. ooooh, i love the rag rug idea...i am always looking for new ones, especially ones that are useful for the people i work with!!!! i want to see how yours turns out!!! what fabrics will you use???

  2. Sounds like life is going well! do the little ones like the new home?


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