Thursday, July 30, 2009

Nothin' Much

Wish there was something exciting to tell you, but there isn't, so I'll just ramble for a little bit until I get tired of typing.

We bought a guest bed yesterday. We got a steal of a deal on a queen-sized mattress, box springs, and frame for $330! Just so you know, this is a GREAT deal. I had no idea how pricey beds were! Dave's mom and aunt bought us our bed when we got married, so we had no clue how much one can spend on such items. We're super grateful that we didn't have to spend too much. We're setting up the bed in the corner of the sunroom for the many guests we hope to entertain. We've never had a guest room before...I guess we still don''s more like a guest corner. :)

We bought a few things to make it more homey--nightstand/bookcase, alarm clock, lamp, bedskirt, new pillows. Everything was priced low, so that helped us keep costs low. Sad thing is that we don't have a truck, so to get the bed to our house, we had to pay $100 for delivery. Believe it or not, a Uhaul wasn't any cheaper! We thought for sure it would be. Nope.

I am researching decorative screens to divide the room up and provide the guests with a little privacy. They are not cheap. For the size we need, we'll probably spend anywhere from $150-$200! I don't want to do a curtain b/c I think it will look tacky. It would probably save money, but man, it would be a price to pay on my eyes. :)

Sam and I played Uno today. I totally helped him the whole time. I think if we play a little more, he'll start to understand the strategy a little more. He's got the basics down, but he doesn't understand strategy at all yet. We also read Chapter 1 of The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe. He told me he wants us to go buy a wardrobe so he can visit Narnia and become a Narnian. He also said that he doesn't really want to go to another world because he would miss me too much. He'll just stay here in this world with me. I have a feeling I may have to remind him of this in a few years.

We are still van-shopping and church-shopping. I know that sounds awful, but it is the truth--church shopping, I mean. We haven't said what we're doing this week. Last week was fairly horrendous. I'm being dramatic, but it wasn't what we were hoping for. I'm thinking we're just going to have to be weirdos at a church where we don't fit in. Perhaps that is the plan. We're still waiting for peace.

We're going to a Chamber of Commerce meeting tonight. Free food. No cooking. It's a winner, folks!

Have a nice evening, and let me know what you think about satellite TV--Dish Network or DirectTV? Those are our two options if we want ANY channels. And, is it worth the HD upgrade on the receiver and DVR?


  1. hey, you can make one of those screens cheaper! I did for our bedroom.. call me and I can help you!

  2. we've got Dish and have liked it fine...going on 4 or 5 years now i think? DVR - totally worth it. don't know how we lived w/out it. oh yeah, we recorded shows on VHS - ha! as for HD upgrade, if you've got the tv where you can tell and if you care about that stuff, then yeah it's nice. i couldn't care less (josh does and has a sweet tv in his manroom and thus has HD upgrade on that one tv).

  3. well, unfortunately, i have no helpful input regarding any of your dilemmas. the screen sounds good - i know what you mean about paying the price on your eyes. doing it right the first time saves money in the end if you can afford it. btw, great job finding that deal on the bed. i love getting a good bargain. obviously.

    we've only had cable. i've never heard complaints about DISH, etc - just that you often have to pay extra for local network channels, but that may have changed by now.

    enjoy the great church search. really. it's not often you get the luxury of picking one that suits you. too often they are picked for us. let peace be your guide also. and, if i may be so bold, don't make your decision based on their kids programs. make sure it feeds you first... just my 2 cents.


  5. catching up on your blog and laughing my head off about sam peeing off the deck. i instantly saw the wet spot and died laughing. that is just a classic picture right there!!! love them boys!!!

    we don't have cable-never have, but my parents have dish and we love watching it. comes with the dvr and that right there is a life changing feature!!! pausing live tv, but you'll never watch live tv again b/c you'll just record and then ff thru commercials.

  6. We have cable, but just got DVR. I LOVE DVR. It allows you to "tape" shows and watch them when you have time. You can also skip through commercials. I love it-highly recommend. We had to get DVR to get HD channels. They came together. We tried to do no cable when we moved to farm town, but sadly to say that is what helped us through all that time that we didn't have friends. If that is going to be your splurge for yourself you should do it-it may help you to stay sane and not be lonely.
    Screens-I've seen tons of creative ideas on HGTV. One of my favorite shows is Decorating Cents. You can look it up on HGTV's website. They have a segment called trash to treasure. They have really creative ideas for reusing things that you find at thrift shops. I'm sure that they have lots of ideas. The one that is in my head now is old shutters. I just saw some at an antique shop yesterday for like $20. You can paint them a funky color and there you go.
    Meg Dart


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