Tuesday, October 20, 2009

::Geidlbots Weekly Calendar of Events:: or something like that.

I thought this week would be slower.


My parents came over this weekend to visit. They hadn't been here since right after we moved in, so it was nice to show them the house with our stuff on the walls and the fresh paint. I do have eventual plans to show before/after pictures on here. We've been told that we should have DSL in a couple of weeks!!! Then, I will be able to show you more pictures.

We had a nice visit complete with our kids saying things they shouldn't and making us all laugh. Mom and Dad stayed with the kiddos on Sunday morning while we went to Sunday School. It was kind of like a date. Kind of...

Sunday night, we had our small group discussion. That was good. Until early the next morning...Lucy was up all night. It was ridiculous. I thought her tummy was hurting, but it turns out, she had an ear infection. We had to cancel our dinner plans last night because of it, but I was also not feeling well. I'm not sure if it is a cold or maybe just my allergies, but my ears are congested and I feel a little foggy. Seems like really bad allergies (which I haven't dealt with in awhile, but we did just move to an oak tree infested area) or a mild cold. Either way, I haven't felt at the top of my game. Lucy slept so much better last night.

I skipped Bible study this morning so she could rest. She rested well--about two hours. I picked up her antibiotic--her first one ever. She is my healthiest child yet! 11 months without antibiotics!!! We ate Sonic food in the car with Dave, and then came home for naptime. Neither of my girls is asleep right now...Lucy is fussing, and Maryn was playing with Elmo in her bed. Tonight, we have a meeting in Conway. Tomorrow, we have a meeting in Little Rock, I think?? I need a haircut.

This Friday, we are having Jason and Amanda and their two children stay the night with us, and then on Saturday, we're all going to the Ozark Folk Center for the annual Bean Festival. You read that right. It's all about beans and folk music. I can't wait.

So that's what is going on in our world. How about yours?


  1. a full schedule isn't always bad. glad you're having time with family and friends. sorry to hear you aren't feeling fantastic - sometimes moving to a new area means letting your allergies adjust, i guess.

    we're battling the flu around here. not sure about your part of the country, but baltimore is getting hit HARD! oh well... i'm believing we'll all come out healthier.

  2. can I make an obvious crack about the beans and music? LOL

  3. Um, you forgot the outhouse races! :) Excited to see you and I hope everybody feels better ASAP!

  4. the bean festival!!!! How jealous am I?? My kids would have a blast...and to think they have never experienced the bean festival. It just doesn't seem right. Maybe we will come and stay with you guys next year so we can go too!!


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