Friday, December 25, 2009

And Now He is Five.

My BABY. My FIRST baby is five.

Be still, my heart!

I cannot believe it. He is incredible. He is FIVE.

I was looking through old pictures the other day and crying just thinking about how much he's grown. It has happened too fast, and I know it will only continue to fly by. I thought I'd share a few of those pictures.

Sam was born December 25, 2004, at 12:01pm.

8lbs. 4oz., 22 inches long

(Photo courtesy of Candace Miller)

(Photo courtesy of Candace Miller)

Sam was always big for his age, and so predictable.

He still is. :)

(Photo courtesy of Candace Miller)

I was a much different mother with him than I have been with the girls. I do have my regrets. But I also know that I can make the most of NOW. And I do.

(Photo courtesy of Candace Miller)

I found out I was pregnant with Maryn a couple of months before this above picture was taken. He was 10 months in this one. I see a lot of Lucy in his face. But he was a lot chubbier.

Here he is at 2. I love this picture so much it makes my heart ache.

And at 3. His silliness was beginning to be the rule rather than the exception to it.

This was at 4. He really grew a lot emotionally this year. It was pretty noticeable. He also became a big brother again shortly before his 4th birthday. He took it all in stride and has proven himself to be a GREAT big brother. He knows how to take care of and boss his sisters around. :)

And, today, at 5.

Goofy still. Always, I hope.

Sam is so smart. He started reading just a week ago. I sat down with him and in 45 minutes, he was sounding out words and reading! I was astonished.

He loves to play fight--kung fu, light sabers, guns (wince), and swords. Most of this he does with Dave. No one gets hurt (most of the time).

Sam loves candy. He's already had a cavity. But he did great at the dentist!

Sam adds and subtracts in his head (though he doesn't realize what he's doing). Blows my mind.

Sam is incredibly thoughtful. He wants to make sure that people who get hurt are taken care of...he says he wants to be a doctor like Dad and take care of sick people.

We think he would make a better architect. The kid has some serious design skillz.

Samuel David, we love you. We are so proud of who you are and who you will be. We pray that your heart will continue to be softened towards Jesus.

Happy Birthday, Sam.


  1. Happy Birthday, Sam! I still remember in English class when you were telling us he was the size of an "o" in our textbook. That doesn't seem like 5 years ago.

  2. Happy Birthday Sam!!!! You are growing up soo fast!!! Seems like just yesterday you cried every time i came to your house because even at 1 1/2 you understood that I was the baby sitter and that meant mom and dad were leaving (even when they didn't).

  3. "merry christmas sam! to all and presents and all. happy birthday to you sam and jesus. i miss you sam very much. i want to see you sometime. i hope i see you on skype. and everytime i miss you and i really want to see you."

  4. Ohhhh.. my heart ached when Andrew turned 5 :( Parker turns 5 in a couple of months. It all goes too fast!!
    Happy Birthday Sam!

  5. Hi, Amanda. Happy Birthday to Sam. You should be so proud. I hope you guys had a merry Christmas. Ours was small and different, but we rejoiced none the less.

    Listen, I am working on a project that I think you might be able to really help with. I have lost your e-mail. If you could, drop me an e-mail at I would love to tell you about it and see if you are interested, and if you know anyone else who might be interested.

  6. We really need to get Bowden & Sam together! They could build incredible designs and eat candy together!

  7. I had to take off my glasses to wipe the tears. I remember when you had his baby pictures taken. I don't like that they grow up so fast. He is such a handsome wonderful boy!


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