Monday, May 3, 2010

Updates on Everything

Well, I had a bit of a greasy hair weekend, and I didn't have cornstarch. So, I put face powder in my hair and combed it through. It helped! I bought some cornstarch on Saturday.

Also, I noticed when I got sweaty after running, my hair looked better. I guess the saltiness cut the grease? I have no idea. Gross, eh? :) I am washing every other day and only doing the ACV (apple cider vinegar) rinse every other wash. Oh, and Dave says my hair doesn't smell bad.

Today, my hair looks a lot better. It kind of feels sticky like when we moved to Tulsa and had hard water. So, I know it is about to turn a corner. It doesn't look greasy or sticky today, it just feels sticky. It has a lot of body. :) My hair is short, though, so it sticks up a lot when I wake up in the morning. I will have to wet it to get it to look more normal. I am going to press on with this crazy venture!

This is my last week of running in preparation for the 5K race on SATURDAY!!!

I am excited, nervous, and ready to be finished with this goal! I can't believe it is almost here. Here is my running schedule this week (with modified recommendations from my friend, Lee):

Monday--Run 22 minutes


Wednesday--Run 25 minutes

Thursday--Run 10 minutes


Saturday--Run 3.1 miles!!!

Last night (Sunday), I ran 2.47 miles in 25 minutes. It was insane, but I did it, and I kept my pace around 10 minutes/mile. It was great. It's so hard when I am in the middle of it, but I just keep telling myself that I can do this. I am a runner because I am running! So pretty much, I just pep-talk myself the entire time. :)

It seems I have been in a mode of trying new things lately. I've made all these homemade cleaners. Here is my report:

Dishwasher Detergent (improved version over the first one I tried two years ago)--LOVE IT. No spots, no residue.

Furniture Polish--It works really well, but it does leave a little vinegar-y scent for a bit--not too long. Of course, I tried it in the van on the vinyl (whatever that stuff is on the dashboard), so it was in a small, not-too-airy space...should try it on our furniture! At least the smell isn't toxic.

Window Cleaner--I love this cleaner so much more than Windex. There is no ammonia--so no toxic fumes to breathe. I used Clorox Natural Dish Soap (Water Lily scent) as the dish soap for the recipe, and it smells very nice and works super well. It leaves no streaks and actually cleanses the glass/mirror. I also didn't have to scrub really hard.

I haven't made the laundry detergent yet (have all the supplies--waiting to run out of my Purex naturals soap). I also haven't made the deodorant yet. I just need to order the shea butter and cocoa butter online. And maybe some vegetable glycerin?

Our garden is beautiful. I'm so excited about it. I promise pictures...It's quite a feat for me to go out there, take pictures, upload them, re-upload them to the know. :)

Sam's cast is breaking through on his heel. Too much scooting, I guess. One more week until an xray that will hopefully show he can bear weight on it. He is so ready, and I am constantly having to remind him to GET OFF OF IT!!!

Dave and I have made plans to go to Kansas City for Memorial Weekend. We are super excited. We haven't had a nice getaway in a couple of years. My awesome brother and his wife will bring their kids and stay with ours. My parents may come help play with grandkids. It'll be nice to know they are with family.

I have planned out several restaurants to eat at (isn't that what vacation is all about?), we are going to hear the symphony play for a FREE show for Memorial Day, we will probably do some pottery stuff (our 8th anniversary is June 2, and the traditional gift is bronze/pottery). We will spend some time at the International House of Prayer (IHOP) in the prayer room and for a time of prophetic ministry. We are really looking forward to our long weekend together.

So, that's my update. You made it to the end. Congratulations!


  1. I may be interested in trying that anti-shampoo thing after I watch you do it for a bit longer. hehe :) When my hair gets greasy now I often use baby powder and the white pretty much goes away so it works nicely if you have it. So excited for your run, you've worked really hard and remember it's very mental - so you'll do great, just put your mind to it. :) I want to try some of those cleaners so I'm happy you are posting about them - you're a cool gal. I'm off for my morning run - later!

  2. is your water soft now?

    i did an experiment where i went 5 days without shampoo or anything (this was a couple months ago). it was HARD not to wash.

    a friend who researches stuff and is always right on the money with her tips told me it would really condition my hair.

    when i washed it on the 6th day it looked amazing. so so good. and had a ton of volume, body and shine.

    i go through spells with my hair where i shampoo once a week and do a water rinse and small amount of conditioner only on the ends from time to time.

    the benefit of not using harsh shampoo everyday is that the hair cuticle stays so healthy and shiny.

    all this to say, your experiment sounds very interesting and i want to see pictures :)!!! i'm off to check out your dish soap recipe!


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