Wednesday, July 7, 2010

School in July...almost as fun as Christmas in July

School has officially begun at our house.

You say, "It's only July, Amanda. Stop and smell the roses."

Well, yes, that is true, but I think I will wait to stop and smell the roses when the babies arrive in the winter. We started early so that I will be able to take some time (a couple of months) off when they get here.

Sam is in kindergarten this year. We are doing A Beka Phonics and Reading, Bob Jones Math for K5, and Handwriting Without Tears. It's pretty low-key, takes 45 minutes to an hour a day. And Sam is zooming. We are doing two phonics lessons a day right now because it is all review for him (because I did Hooked on Phonics with him in the winter). The math is all review too, and I think it will go faster as I get a feel for the teacher's guide and how much I want to put into each lesson.

Maryn has a packet every day that I made for the whole year. I bought those ginormous workbooks from Sam's Club (at Joanna's suggestion!!! THANK YOU, JO! BEST IDEA EVER.). I ripped out all the pages and made packets for each day and stapled them together with coloring sheets from the many coloring books we have lying around the house. She is proud of herself for getting to do school too. I am also doing the Hooked on Phonics with her as well. She is getting all her sounds down right now.

We are also doing a bit of Bible memory as well and discussing the meanings behind the verses we memorize. It is amazing how quickly kids memorize.

It has been great so far. I'm very proud of both of them. The hardest part so far has been finding things for Lucy to do. I don't do school during quiet time/naptime because I need that time to unwind or nap. She doesn't quite have the dexterity for coloring yet, and her attention span for TV is way too short. If you have any ideas for a nearly 20 month old, I will gladly take them. This girl is way too busy and into everything!

Well, naptime is over; this post is too. :)


  1. I have to tell you, as I was reading the part about putting together the packets for Maryn, I was thinking what a great idea, I should do that for Evynn and Kailyn... then I realized... what would I do with Ryen? I would be in the same pickle you are in with Lucy. Last year (while doing school with Bowden) Evynn and Kailyn played together. It worked very well and the two were able to really bond. Ryen was always napping in the morning. This year, Ryen no longer naps in the morning and I am going to have to deal with Ryen... You might try having Maryn play with Lucy. My girls love it. We are going to be on a rotating schedule since Evynn will be doing some stuff. One will play with the little girls and one will do school. Then we will switch.

  2. It's still so crazy that you are getting ready for the babIES! =) Yea! I wish I had some amazing suggestions for Lucy. I have a feeling you could probably give me tips. I'll let you know if I think of anything ground-breaking.

  3. fun stuff! we put together a low key summer program for our kids... even though we don't homeschool. i, personally, think they need a bit of structure in the summer... it's just good for them and helps when they return to "real" school in the fall. go for it!

  4. Okay I gotta include a few links for you! I found some amazing "lapbook" ideas at these sites. THey take a little longer to put together but you'll be able to use them over and over again for all your kids!

    I am making a whole bunch of these right now and adding them to a collection for Ellie (4) and Gracia (2). That way Gracie can be involved and learning but having fun! Not feeling left out! I think it sounds awesome! I'm starting in August and i can't wait!

  5. Try making her a little basket of special toys that she can only play with while the big kids do school. Deacon likes special playdough, those wonder markers and a new book, anything new that he doesn't ever get to play with. He really gets excited and since I only do school with her for like 30or 45 minutes it keep him occupied long enough.

  6. the OT in me loves that you are doing HWT! if you find yourself missing anything, let me know...i think i have the whole set. books, chalk boards, etc!

  7. Sounds good, Amanda!
    I'm going to be curious about your belly growth with twins in there! Are you twice as big as usual at this point?

  8. I'm currently trying to prepare a school box for both Linda and Lisa. In Lisa's school box, I have a puzzle, some little sesame street books, a coloring book, a sticker book. But I do find I will have to train Lisa to not grab stuff in Linda's school box and vice versa. Linda is already reading so much and I haven't even done any serious "school" w/ her. I do need to work on some math, but am not in a hurry yet. I also have HWT! I will have to take it w/ me to the US, and perhaps the math stuff, too!

  9. Well, You might try having Maryn play with Lucy.

  10. Well, I personally, think they need a bit of structure in the summer.


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