Thursday, July 29, 2010

And the Twins Are...


Well, we think they're both boys. Our ultrasound tech was confident that one was a boy and a little unsure about the other. When I look at the pictures, it does look like a boy. We have another ultrasound on the 16th, so we will be able to check again, and hopefully with more certainty.

Names are a no-go at this point. We had a boy name and a girl name, but if we're not going to be able to use those, then we will need to come up with some others. We've tossed several around, but we aren't sold on anything yet. And, family, we are fairly certain you will think the names we pick are weird, so be prepared. :)

Everything looked good on the ultrasound--hands, toes, fingers, heads, bellies, and hearts. Both were measuring about the same, which is great--there isn't one getting more than another. There were two placentas, two sacs, but this does not guarantee they're fraternal (however, they most likely are). If they are, indeed, two boys, we will not know if they are fraternal or identical until birth if we have a DNA test or can obviously tell them apart (we think it'd be cool if one was a redhead). It was fun to see them wiggling around and see how amazing the human body is--and the God who created it!

Here are some pictures of the little bundles of JOY:

Here is Baby "A": He/she (this is the one she was unsure about) was more cooperative than Baby "B"--wasn't nearly as wiggly and let us get some good pictures.

And Baby "B" wiggled so much, most of his pictures were blurry. Can you see his fingers spread out?

And here they are together: "B" is on the left, and "A" is on the right. "A" decided to wave for the picture. Can you see? "B" is blurry. :)

Thanks for indulging my proud mama's heart! I would have put all the pictures on here, but I am not that ambitious. :)


  1. Oh goodness!!! SOO exciting! I love following you through this journey:)

  2. I am so excited for you guys, Amanda, and I love the pictures. I can't wait to meet them when we finally get back to the States. Take good care of yourself.

  3. That's just so incredible. TWO little babies hanging out together! I'm so excited for you guys. I know it was such a blessing to see them measuring about the same. You'll have to write a book someday to be able to process it all. Doubt you have a lot of time for that right now. =)

  4. Oh my goodness! I haven't checked out my blogger friends webpages in SO long. Am I to understand that you're expecting TWINS!?!? A twin myself, I can assure you that you're in for an awesome adventure! How exciting!! Congratulations and I will be sure to check in more often!! :)

  5. That is sooo cute! I love how baby A waved...PRESH!!! Already has such does baby B...causin' a blurr! :-) Can't wait to meet these babies!!!

  6. LOVE IT!! Precious little ones!

  7. So great! Amazing that there are two tiny babes in there. What fun!!!

  8. Sweet~
    We did not get photos when we had our one and only ultrasound with our twinnie boys. They did not even let me see the pictures as they were doing it. I finally asked after I had gotten dressed. "Well, what did you find?" The technician reluctantly said..."Oh, there are twins." Of course, no sex of the babies...back in the "Olden days".
    That was it. Flatline which I responded silently in my mind..."Twins? That would make five kids! I don't know anyone with five!"
    I waited in the waiting room for the hubs to come pick me up. I wanted to scream at the top of my lungs..."DO YOU KNOW WHAT THEY JUST TOLD ME IN THERE?"
    But I sat in silence...trying to take it all in.

    Love your little glimpses of them.
    So exciting!
    Soooo happy for you!

    Ah...the naming process.
    You must have names for boys, for girls, for girl and boy....then when they are born, you have to decide who gets what name. And then the middle names....OY!
    For us, it was easy.
    The 10 1/2 lb one was named Zachary or ZACH and the little 7'12" one was named Tyler. We gave them each two middle names. I figured we were done and had to get them all in.
    Seemed fitting.

    Congratulations and take things as easy as you can as the pregnancy progresses.

    Dawn @ 4:53 am

  9. Precious sugar babies! My friend, CJ brought her twin bebe girls over today for a little visit. Addie was just absolutely befuddled and overwhelmed by her desire to hug them, touch them, and kiss them...and take their pacifiers away. :) She said ya'll talked awhile and are FB buds now, hooray for more twin support! Love you and your family of SEVEN a whole bunches!

  10. You got some good pics. So happy for the Geidls.

  11. So SO So excited for you! I am sure the names you pick will be fantastic!!! SO fun to see the pictures!

    Love, JO

  12. That is so amazing and incredible! God has truly blessed you!


  13. Oh, how beautiful! Congratulations!!! We haven't settled on a name, yet, either. Just as I thought we were in agreement about a first name and had only a middle name to come up with, my husband decided he didn't like that name as much anymore.

    So good luck with the whole naming thing!

  14. That's so exciting. I was 13 when my twin brothers were born, and we had the best time with them. They're almost 20 now and still as cute as they've always been. Congratulations! You're in for such a treat! I would love to have twins one day!


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