Thursday, August 19, 2010

Twice is Nice

We have had yet another ultrasound and an appointment, and we are having two boys, for certain!

They are very cute. I get more and more excited about meeting them and seeing their personalities up close and personal. They are growing well, and I am healthy. What a gift!

My oldest two children are very excited about having two baby "brudders". My dad has come up with several silly name combos for the boys as well--Phineas and Ferb, Thaddeus and Thor, Cash and Dash. Not gonna happen! :)

We are a bit stuck on names. We don't want anything that rhymes, and we want to have very meaningful names. It is hard to find two names that work well together and with our other children. And then there are middle names to consider! It is too much! I mentally go through my children's list of names to see how it would sound, "Sam, Maryn, Lucy, ______________, and _____________." I also have found a name or two that I liked, but I just didn't like the potential nicknames. We shall see, and I believe it will be a matter of prayer! I am sure there are names for these boys!

Just not Jacob and Esau....


  1. Yep, naming is such an important task and I'm glad you don't take it lightly.

  2. Naming is important and was kinda stressful for me for both of my kids. not looking forward to it whenever we have more kids! good luck!

  3. I'm glad you don't take it lightly.


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