Monday, August 30, 2010

The Rundown (no, not that horrible movie with The Rock)

I wish I had something amazing and exciting to talk about.

I don't.


So, I guess you just get a rundown of what I did last week.
  • I cooked.
  • I cleaned.
  • Dave cleaned my floors, and I feel like our house is sparkling.
  • I reorganized my craft shelf and got rid of a bunch of fabric.
  • I made a skirt for Maryn.
  • I finished a sweater for my friend Nicole's son, Calvin.
  • I repaired two stuffed animals.
  • I took my kids to the park twice.
  • I played miniature golf, and my son almost beat me (he got two holes-in-one).
  • I got to see my good friend, Elizabeth, on Saturday for a couple of hours.
  • We had Nicole's family over for supper and s'mores last night. Though, our smores had to be made in the toaster oven because it started raining during dinner, and we have an electric stove and a capped fireplace. They were still good.
  • When I cleaned out the craft shelf, I discovered a few unfinished projects. I'm working on an afghan as a gift, and that darned old advent calendar is STILL waiting for me. My friend's mom gave me hers to use as a pattern, so I'm starting from scratch with that. Forget the old one. There is also a pile of bibs waiting to be sewn. I may or may not get to those this century.
  • We got doughnuts for snacks one day.
All in all, it was a pretty fun week. Dave and I are finishing up Season 5 of Lost this week. We have the season finale, and then we can move on to Season 6. I'm ready to be done!!! I have enjoyed the story immensely, but I'm ready to have some closure.

I believe it is time for me to do mundane chores. I hope your day is blessed and filled with lots of laughter.


  1. sounds like my kind of week :) progress is progress - no matter what kind.

  2. Lots of good stuff got did, especially the doughnuts part. :) I'm sure the bebes appreciated it lots. So, let's discuss your need for "closure" from just mean for it to be over right? Oh that show tormented me for years, I'm kind of envious of your quick sweep and getting it over with!


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