Monday, February 7, 2011

Time and Treasure

My days often run together, and I lose track of what day it is. What I can tell you is that:

•my children have been living in pajamas around the clock.

•none of us are missing meals.

•there have been very few baths for the children, but Dave and I manage to shower every night.

•we listen to music all night long because the twins seem to like it.

•I have recently resumed kitchen and laundry duty.

•I don't have time to take pictures let alone upload them and order prints, so I have family members who have yet to see the twins (they don't have Internet).

•I get lots of sweet snuggles.

•I have been getting a nap many days.

•My boys are growing--both have gained over three pounds in their first month.

•even if I don't have hard copied daily documentation (i.e. Photos) of our babies, we have surely been treasuring our time with them.

•however, my friend, Joanna, visited and took a ton of pictures of my family, and I am so glad. Someday I will try to add to the collection. :)

•most people are going stir-crazy with cabin fever due to the snowstorms. I have been pretty well homebound since the twins were born, but I like it.

The end

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  1. Love this! Love how your life has/is changing and all it's teaching me. And ironically my life resembles yours a lot (loving the snow days, staying in pjs all day, etc.) despite the fact that I have 2 kids and not 5. ;) Love you!!

  2. I am pictureing you typing this while you are nursing up in your room!
    I have no idea how you are doing the laundry and meals, you are crazy strong! What you did not add is that your house is VERY clean and the kids are super happy and well loved. Your home is so peaceful, I would love to be snowed in there any day! :)

    Lots of love,



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