Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Life is not a Big Gulp.

I miss running.  I want to do it.  I am going to search for some time to do it.  I think it would feel so refreshing right now.  Just me, the pavement, and the woods around my house.  I just get SO tired...

The babies have started sleeping through the night (well, except for last night, but that was my fault...).  This is shocking to me.  I have done nothing to encourage this, but it is happening!  Both of them!  At the same time!  I hope it will continue.  Maybe then I will have more energy for running.  :)

Dave took the big kids with him last night to CR in Conway.  I wanted to go, but I knew I just needed to be at home and recharge.  I'm discovering that I need more margin in my life.  I have not been very scheduled the last five years or so, but now, I am thriving on a schedule.  It is the only way I can live well right now.  Anyway, I'm realizing that I have to make room for my family, for the things that will bring us peace in our home, for the friends and ministries we want to be a part of (by the way, we've found a local body to worship with!!!), and for myself.  I need this.

So, my goals this Spring are to declutter my life--of possessions, of plans, of anything that just makes me BUSY.  No more busy work.

Life is NOT an emergency (Ann Voskamp).

It's not.  I need to stop living like it is.

I don't need to beat myself up that my kids aren't eating homemade snacks right now.

I need to value my time more and be willing to sacrifice so that my time is best spent.

In fact, I need to nap more.  It's next to impossible, but I can make it happen if I will let go of some things.

Life is to savored--sipped, not gulped--and I've been living Life in Big Gulps.

Time to slow down and focus on what matters most--living well for Jesus, for my family, for my friends, and for me.  Take time to be healthy...time to be joyful...time to be thankful...time to model this for my children.

Life is NOT a Big Gulp.

Little sips...

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  1. I hope you keep blogging, and I (selfishly) hope you write a lot of this. As you have the time (ha!), walk us through what you do personally to help yourself live life as if it's NOT an emergency. In sips. That's not my natural bent either, but I think it's essential to being a mother who does not succumb to mental illness. Or, as some might say, being a "good mom."
    I can't believe your twins are sleeping through the night. That's an amazing blessing! (I know you know that, I just can't help but proclaim it.) Can I have your next set? =) I'm rethinking plans of future pregnancies, lol....to clarify, not future children, just pregnancies.


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