Thursday, April 14, 2011

The Littles and The Bigs

I mentioned the other day that I got some alone time (if home with the twins counts!) Monday night.  After Dave and The Bigs left, The Littles and I hung out for a bit.  I laid them on my first ever quilt and snapped a few pics.  They are growing.  But they're still our Littles.

Milo (wearing Sam's old overalls)

Felix (being the chubbiest Geidlbot to date)

This picture makes me laugh.  It looks like they're rolling down a hill.  Milo's face is hilarious.

So, something I've been wanting to get better at is not worrying about The Bigs getting dirty when they play outside.  I don't mind a little dirt here and there, but mudpie dirty is not fun.  I hate giving baths.  Dave is our bath-giver.  But, I want my kids to get to be kids--which means me not hovering over their outside play.  I am not much of a helicopter mom in other arenas--just when it comes to more nasty messes I have to clean up.  So, today, I refused to hover.

And they delivered the mess.

So, I smiled and got the camera and didn't yell or scold.

I first saw Monkey.  He was brownish green.  Then I saw Lucy's mud beard.


Maryn was just kind of dusty.  Not too shabby.

Sam was intentionally using drops of water from the hose to make mud.  
His hands may be a little stained from it.

I gave them a bath.  

It wasn't so bad.

I kept a positive attitude and didn't yell or scold.

And we all survived.


  1. love this. I also shy from messes and baths but am trying to get better.
    And "The Littles" were my favorite books when I was young. :)

  2. ok, so here is where the 3 of us converge (hi, Katie!) as possible long lost triplets. For real. I can't stand intentional mess. I don't even like them going outside the day after it has rained. I'm ridiculous. I can admit it. Besides, Chuck reminds me all the time.

  3. OMG!!! Lucy's mud beard is HILARIOUS!!! Sam just gave himself his first Henna tat! LOL

  4. That picture of Sam and his muddy hand is adorable and he looks soooo much like you. His little face is thinning out and he's got your chin. I can't believe he's so grown! I'm most impressed with the whole finding the camera and posting pictures thing, amazing!

  5. Come summer, you can just hose them down, it'll be awesome, Good thing you are tackling this now, since you have 2 more boys coming into the outside playing world soon. Boys are messy.

  6. Heaven. Help. Us!! haha

    you're awesome for letting them play like that. thanks for the encouraging reminder!


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