Wednesday, February 17, 2010

And the Winner Is...


"Cooking and baking new foods!"--is how she likes to make her house a home.

Let me say a few things about Christy. I have known Christy since the first grade.

Here we are in the first grade--the two girls holding the sign in the middle.

Christy and I had not seen one another in YEARS, and then we reconnected in the blog world a couple of years ago. I am so glad to be in touch with her. She is a beautiful woman with a sincere heart of worship. I am thrilled to be able to call her friend even after all these years!

So, I know you're all wondering...what is she going to get?

Well, I am going to make her a PURSE!!!

It will be in this style--I've made a couple of these, and I LOVE them.

I will confer with her about fabric choices, and I will post the final pictures when I am done with it!!!

Thanks for playing!!!


  1. You're so sweet! I can't believe you have that picture! I think my mom might have mine....can't wait to see the finished product!

  2. is that purse from "Bend the Rules Sewing"? I made myself one when I first got the boook and I LOVED it!

  3. Heather, it is from BTRS! I've made two. I cursed the first one, but the second one was a cinch! :) The third was easier still. Here's the the fourth!


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