Monday, February 1, 2010

High Octane Kind of Day

I found the largest coffee mug possible today. I filled it to the brim. I am tired. We have spent several days at home without leaving, and that's enough to make any mama tired! No, really, Dave had to leave a bit early today for work so he could see his hospital patients before clinic starts. So, he's gone, 2/3 of my kids are awake, but thanks to the superhero capes I made last night, they are quiet!

We actually did get out yesterday. Dave was itching to go to Conway (our nearest shopping city) to use his Christmas giftcards at Target and Old Navy. He needed some shirts. I was concerned the roads may be slushy (Thank you for being wrong, State Highway website!), and though the highway leading to our house was pretty patchy, the main highway was clear.

We stopped first at the fabric store because the kids were begging me to make them capes to go along with their masks. We found some pretty cheap fabric that looked Super, and some felt to make Maryn a new mask (one that looks more like Bug Girl from Backyardigans). AND I had already made Sam an eye patch to play pirates, but he really wanted a pirate hat to go along with it. I was nearly out of black felt, so we got some of that too. I made a pirate costume a couple of years ago for our friend, Rowin. Sam is finally ready for one of his own, I guess.

I did find some sweet deals at Old Navy (for my giftcards!). I got some dark gray khakis for $17. Have I ever mentioned that I HATE to spend more than $20 on pants/jeans? I know some people will spend a hundred dollars on jeans; that will not be me, thank you very much.

Otherwise, our homebound weeked (with electricity, thank God) was so nice. Dave took the kids outside to play in the snow. They've so been longing to do that and haven't had the opportunity yet. We ate good food, stayed cozy in our clothes (jammies), and I got to do a few things I like to do. I am nearly done crocheting a sweater/hat set for my friend, Megan. Her sweet girl, Madelyn, was born two weeks ago. I am nearly finished with the hat! I also read a book. And, the highlight of the weekend was that Dave watched "Cranford" with me. This is huge for most men. He knew I wanted to watch it, and I think he is actually enjoying it. We DVRed it, and for some reason, we only got the first two parts. Boo. Gotta find that third part.

So it has been a lovely weekend with a helpful husband, and now, he is at work--hence the largest cup of coffee. :) Time to make a pirate hat before I get swashbuckled.


  1. well, yay for creativity and cheap pants. i'm with you on not spending more than $20 - i hate that. hope your alone-home-bound days go quickly. i'm having one of those today, too, as chuck has plans immediately following work. i may need to go make some more coffee, too...

  2. I feel ya, Mommy Quarantine was rough! I finally got out yesterday afternoon with only one child. It was success and only $43 on groceries! Freddy would love such a costume, and I've got to get to work on these fun stay at home memories before he runs off to school on me!

  3. It's so fun to have the hubster home and so sad when he has to go back to work isn't it?!

    When I go jeans shopping I'll pay up to $100 on a good pair but here's why. I have one pair of jeans hanging in my closet and it's the only pair I wear. My last pair of jeans was purchased 2 years ago and they've gotten A LOT of wear.

    Sadly, there are 2 holes in, uh-hum, inappropriate places so I have to go through the trouble of jeans shopping again. :(...I have such a hard time finding a great pair. For some reason I hate blue jeans shopping. Is that crazy?


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