Saturday, September 4, 2010

Names and Meanings

We have notified our families of our names for our boys. So now, it is your turn (though you might've already seen it on Facebook. Took me a little longer to get on here.)


Felix Josiah
Milo Zane

Now, what you didn't get on Facebook are the meanings of the names. Dave and I are pretty insistent that our children have meaningful names that speak over their lives. We believe that a "good name is rather to be chosen than great riches" (Proverbs 22:1).

Felix means "blessed, happy, fortunate". This name is not only rock awesome, it is so true. This little boy is a blessing to us and will be to others. His middle name, Josiah, has a few meanings. I saw two prevalent ones: "fire of the Lord" and "Jehovah heals". This name is especially meaningful. The fire of the Lord brings power and purity. "Our God is a consuming fire" (Hebrews 12:29). Also, Jehovah does heal. In our pain of losing our sweet baby in January, the Lord healed us. Then, He granted us a double blessing beyond anything we could have imagined. We are so thankful for Felix Josiah.

Milo means "merciful" and one book I saw said "generous". His middle name, Zane, means "God is gracious". We believe this child is a gift of God's mercy and grace. We are so thankful that God blessed us with Milo Zane in His grace and mercy. We didn't deserve anything, but He lavished this gift of ANOTHER boy on us.

We are so humbled and grateful for these gifts!!!

We know most people don't think about meaning when they say a name. But when we say our children's names, we can't help but think about what their names represent for them.

When I speak "Samuel", I am declaring that my son will hear the Lord!!! I want him to hear the Holy Spirit clearly and not live in fear.

When I speak "Maryn", I say she is "desired"--by Jesus and by her parents. I also speak that she is "of the sea"--hopefully one who gives her life to those beyond this land.

And when I say "Lucy", I am calling her "light". She will shine forth in radiance for Jesus.

We love our kids' names, but the meanings surpass the popularity or lack thereof. I pray you will start to see your own name and your children's in the same way.

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  1. Great names & meanings! We're all about meanings, too. My son's name is Reagan Lee. Reagan means "little king" and "lee" means sheltered from the storm. We like to translate it "child of the king who is sheltered from the storm". My Daughter's name is Anna Grace. Both names mean Grace, so she is "Grace upon Grace". :)
    It's amazing how their name meanings are so appropriate for their personalities, isn't it?

  2. yay! good job... hope you haven't had to endure too many "opinons" yet... :)

  3. This is the second time I've posted some involved comment to have it say "service unavailable" and delete it on me. I give up! I love the names and their meanings!

  4. Love the names.
    Such thought goes into each, yes?
    The next decision will be deciding who gets which name.
    Since our twins were fraternal and were NOTHING alike, we had to look at each of them to decide which name fit the child.
    Love the name Lucy, BTW. My dear mimi and beloved aunt were both named Lucy. Wish I had used that name. Perhaps I will have a granddaughter or a great-granddaughter to carry it on.

  5. My grandfather's name was Milo and he was the definition of generosity and mercy. A powerful name is a blessing!



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