Thursday, May 12, 2011

My "Quiet" Life

We have been busy.  I don't like it.  I don't like to be going all the time.  We have resolved to be still after this weekend.  We are going to celebrate Maryn's 5th birthday with our families, and THEN, we will sit still until the end of June.

Maryn turned five on Tuesday of this week.  I can't believe it.  She is 5.  Wow.  Time flies when you have a lot of kids!  It flies and flies and flies, and I wish sometimes it would slow down.  I have tried to make it slow down--spend more time reading with them, playing with them, and cooking with them.  Maryn has fewer meltdowns now than she did even a year ago.  She is maturing.  She is so smart and sweet and nurturing.  She loves to color and draw and ride her bike.  

We bought her a Hello Kitty! backpack for her birthday.  She was thrilled (even though it wasn't a "square backpack with Hello Kitty! on it" but rather a stuffed Hello Kitty! with a zipper for hiding things).  

She also loved her strawberry cake with strawberry frosting and a Hello Kitty! on it (even though I forgot the strawberries AROUND Hello Kitty!).  She is a details-girl.  :)

Lucy is my shadow.  If I don't keep her nearby, I can just about guarantee that something will have crayon on it, and if not that, then something will be wet or sticky.  She is a messy girl.  But, she is funny.  And cute.  And easy to laugh at.  And her grin melts my frustration most of the time.  

She is a mile-a-minute-joy-frenzy.  I will gladly repaint the interior of this house to enjoy her more--and scold less.  Don't get me wrong--she gets her fair share of time-outs and scoldings.  I just forget sometimes that she is TWO and not FIVE or SIX.  Two year olds are messy.  (Must repeat as often as necessary!)

Sam's last day of school is tomorrow!  I am so glad!  We will keep reading, of course, but we will say farewell to math and structured handwriting until August.  I can't believe it--I did it.  I taught my son for a whole school year.  And he is doing well.  SO well.  I do not regret keeping him home.  He is so imaginative, creative, brilliant, and fun.  I have half a mind to get rid of all his toys because he is constantly making toys out of paper and tape.  He doesn't need toys!  

Sam has struggled with fear (in many arenas) since he was nearly three.  We are working on it, but when it rears its ugly head, it isn't so easy to defeat.  One day, he was scared of bugs--out of the blue.  The next day, he's fine.  I looked out the window yesterday and saw all three kids chasing toads that had gotten on the deck.  I think there were about four of them hopping all over.  I had to grab my camera.  No fear of toads!

Felix and Milo are laughing and "talking" to us all the time, now.  It's so fun.  They are so cute.  Their naps are haphazard lately, and that is challenging for me.  I just make do and walk away when I get frustrated.  They really are amazing babies, though.  I couldn't have asked for better babes.  They are forever making a fool out of me as I repeatedly do whatever will make them laugh or smile.  

I am so blessed.


  1. That is a fantastic post. You built me up, sharing the highlights of each child to the point that the family picture, of everyone together, made me tear up. You have an amazing family.

  2. What a great post...the kiddos are getting so big!!! I love your family pic. :-)

  3. Lucy is getting so big! I bet the kids have so much fun together. Happy birthday to Maryn! Congrats on finishing 1 year of school w/ Sam! I will go on through the summer and to the end of the year perhaps, to finish school w/ Linda. We lost so much time in the US. That's how it goes! God bless you!


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