Thursday, March 20, 2014

Goings On

The children are working hard today. It must be that it is the First Day of Spring and they want to play outside. :) Today, they have to build a model of The International Space Station. They will use Legos (no glue for mom!). Here is our finished product. 

I have a helper who comes on Thursdays. It makes everything a little easier. I may take the kids to the city park today for a change of scenery. 

I go to the baby doctor on Tuesday and appreciate your prayers.  I am 7 weeks today. Pray the baby is growing well and all is fine. We will also be finding out if it is just one baby or two. ;-)

Getting off of Facebook has given me some room to breathe. I am not constantly checking it to see if anyone responded to me or not. It gives me time to focus on relationships in front of me. 

I think we may head to Branson for the weekend and hang out at SDC and maybe shop a bit. 

I am doing well. I hope you are as well. Perhaps without Facebook, I can return to blogging.  We shall see. My blogging record has been less than optimal for several years now. :)

Happy Thursday!


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