Thursday, March 27, 2014

God provides for His kids

Yesterday, we bought a newer van. We got a pretty good deal, I guess. It has 50K miles and has 8 seats which was what we were looking for. It is the newest van we have ever owned. We are very thankful for God's provision

I slept poorly last night, and today, I am quite sluggish. My kids are working quickly with their schoolwork, so hopefully, I will get to lie down a bit.

My nausea hits me in the afternoon to evening. I just want to lie around when it hits. Other than that, I feel pretty well. 

This morning, while we were doing some schoolwork, Milo burst into song. He normally doesn't sing much. Felix is the singer of the two. We have watched Frozen probably 20-30 times since we bought it last week. I will add the video from my computer, this app won't let me. 

My parents are visiting this weekend. The kids are excited to see them. I am sure they will keep Grandma and Pa-Pa busy. 


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