Saturday, March 22, 2014


We took the kids to Branson last night. We found a cabin close to Silver Dollar City, and while it wasn't fancy, it was spacious and allowed us to spread out. 

We had to run into town to pick up some coffee and breakfast stuff. Afterwards, we stopped by Andy's Frozen Custard. The kids each had a cone with chocolate custard. Dave had a triple chocolate concrete, and I had a chocolate concrete with Thin Mints. It was soooo good. 

We went to Silver Dollar City pretty early and had some cinnamon rolls. We let the kids play a good while in Half Dollar Holler and then we made our way to The Grand Exposition. Everyone was able to ride something. To our delight, the twins are now an inch over the limit so they were able to ride all the kiddie rides without us. 

We rode the train and had a break before lunch. Dave saw our niece there with her boyfriend, so we were able to meet up. That was a nice surprise. 

Felix was pretty difficult all day. I remember when Maryn was like this and I thought she'd never change. She did, and she is delightful. 

Lucy ran off once at Geyser Gulch, and I almost panicked. After running around a lot, I saw her headed back where the rest of us had been.  

Our last stop before home was the taffy store. Dave went in and picked some out and mostly got one of my favorites--Outlaw Run which is a salted caramel taffy. I am kind of wishing I had gone in because I love the Cotton Candy one too. 

I slept from Branson to Harrison. Milo slept almost the whole way home, and Felix slept about half the time. We are all very tired and ready for bedtime. It was a good day, all in all. 


  1. Did I miss it and you quit facebook? I must have missed it! :) Glad to see you in the blogosphere again though. I've been thinking about you lots and can't wait to hear about your doctor's appointment tomorrow. Do you go see Dr. Jones? How are you feeling about having a different doctor deliver your baby/ies? :)

    1. I have tried to reply, but it isn't showing up. I will try again. I am taking a break from Facebook. I am seeing dr. Jones until we move. So she probably won't deliver because we are supposed to move in August.


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