Monday, June 1, 2009

It Pays To Tell the Truth--Literally.

I took Sam to Target yesterday to pick up some clothes for him and Lucy with some money my mom gave them. I also needed to pick up some other stuff. Well, I had a few coupons for chocolate and baby wash. One of the coupons was for free chocolate from M&M Mars HERE. I got up to the check-out, and the guy scanned all my stuff. I gave him the coupons, and he scanned those as well. On a free coupon, the store has to enter the amount of the product for reimbursement. It rang up as .94, so he had to go in and enter the coupon for that amount.

I noticed that I had saved a lot of money on that receipt--like +/-$13, and really, I should only have saved a few dollars from my coupons. I headed out the door with Sam, got my bags in the car, and then looked closely at the receipt. Instead of .94 for the chocolate coupon, the cashier had entered $9.45!!!!

I explained to Sam about how to make it right, and that the cashier would get in trouble at the end of the day because there wasn't enough money in his drawer. We went back inside, and I found the cashier. I explained his mistake to him, and he called his manager over. She looked at it and was so glad I had come back in. She didn't know the easiest way to have me pay the deficit. She told me to hang on a second while she stepped away to talk to someone, I guess. She came back and told me, "We appreciate your honesty. Don't worry about it. You can have it."

Target paid me $8.50 for telling the truth.


  1. Awwww, what a good lesson for Sam to see you living out an example of honesty! Good job, momma!

  2. So proud of you! Especially for having Sam with you. I am always convicted about things like that too, even small things. I try to look at my receipt at Walmart before I get out to the car, in case there is an error either way. :) Great lesson!

  3. Yes. What an excellent example all around for your children. And sometimes our hearts too need the encouragement that comes from doing the right thing. Also, what an act of love for the cashier.

  4. What a great lessons... A few times I have gotten out of the store and found an item in my cart that did not get paid for (usually hiding under the baby carrier or something like that) then I load all the little ones back up and head back in to return it... The look of shock on the manager's face always astounds me....

  5. What a wonderful story!

    So, how are you going to spend your moolah?


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