Thursday, June 11, 2009

Moving Right Along

I've gotten a lot accomplished since we last spoke. I've gotten all the utility set-up and disconnects taken care of. I found a satellite ISP since we live out in the boonies and can't get cable internet or DSL. Moving truck/movers is established and scheduled. I've changed addresses where I can. Some I have to wait on. Talked to the bank about new checking accounts. We're keeping our current cell service. We still haven't decided if we're getting satellite TV or not. Part of me says "yes!" so that we can have Oscar parties and Superbowl parties, but we rarely do that "no!" seems more acceptable. All of the shows we watch are online...and our TV screen is about the same size as our computer monitor anyway (I'm not kidding.). I just measured them. Our computer monitor is 17" and our TV screen is 19". Yeah, the 2" doesn't make too much difference.

So that's going well. I've continued packing. I love packing. I'm good at it, too. I think I get it from my mom. I don't know how, but I did. She and I both know how to pack things really efficiently--the dishwasher, the trunk of a car, a suitcase. You name it. It must just be how our brains work. I can make it fit. I bet I could win a packing contest, too.

I've got a few things on the calendar as well. Date night tomorrow night...trying to decide what movie to watch. I'm guessing it will either be "Angels and Demons" or "Land of the Lost". We're saving "Up" for netflix with the kids. May go to OKC to see Sweesha. Birthday party for Funke on Sunday. Small group goodbye sometime next week. 2 or 3 baby showers. 2 more weeks at church. :( Last book club. :( Get to see David Asher this evening. Still need to work in all those other goodbyes...

Made some iced coffee this morning. Yum.

Dave and I went to bed before 10 last night. I can't remember the last time BOTH of us were in bed before 10. That :never: happens.

Today I have some Craigslist goals. I need to photograph several items and get them all posted on there. I really need to sell some stuff before we move. Well, I think I've overstayed my welcome in this post, so I'll mosey along and get stuff done. xoxo


  1. progress is progress... no matter how you slice it. keep up the good work! you are a MACHINE :)

  2. Go girl! When is the expected move date?

  3. are you tellin' me you'll be on dial up??????

    you wanna talk about it while you still have high speed?


    i love that you are a good packer. that is nice!


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