Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Time for a list.

1. This past year has gone by so quickly (minus that whole being pregnant thing). It has been an important year for me. I faced several challenges, and I believe I grew in them. I'm so thankful for the faithfulness of a Father who teaches me so diligently and patiently.

2. Lucy is truly a bundle of joy. There's something very unique and special about her disposition. I anticipate seeing how God uses her to bring life and wholeness to others.

3. Sam is starting to grasp little bits of what it means to know God. Little bits. I continue to pray for more fruitful conversations with him. His little heart is so beautiful.

4. Maryn has increased the volume of her screams--especially in the last few weeks. I think the lack of order in the house (due to the move--boxes, etc) are coming out as frustrations. I'm discovering that she needs to have constructive control over certain things. I'm thinking of some ways to give her things to be in charge of--feeding the dog is one of them. Will take other suggestions. :)

5. My life is too hectic right now. Too much to do. Too many places to go. I'm looking forward to the country life.

6. Sweet Lucy has been a bit of a poor sleeper the last few nights. She's teething (though they haven't broken through yet--just swollen on the top) for her top teeth. Night before last, I got up SIX times with her. Last night, I didn't even count, but I know I got roughly 4.5 hours of broken sleep. I'm sleepy this morning, but I already feel God's grace on me. Thank you, Lord.

7. I'm getting as much packed as possible today. We also have to pack for our summer "retreat". We leave Thursday afternoon and come back Sunday after lunch. We close here on Monday, moving van loads us up on Tuesday, we drive to Arkansas on Tuesday night, and close on our house there Wednesday morning. Yes, all in three days. CRAZY.

8. It's 9am, and I haven't eaten or had my coffee. BUT, I did get important stuff in the mail, give Lucy a bath (she was all sticky from the dose of Tylenol she spit out in the middle of the night), and washed a load of clothes (containing sticky sheets and blankie).

With that, I close.


  1. I understand busy. Praise that God gives us grace in the busy seasons. I'm jealous of soon-coming country life. I don't see that in my short-term future but I'm praying God moves out of the city by the time we have kids. Love you, Momma!

  2. *edit* God moves US out of the city. Ha! I don't want God to leave the city - we need Him here!!

  3. keep up the good work. try to focus on that moment you'll have a month or so from now when you'll collapse on the couch in your completely unpacked and organized country home and breathe a sigh of relief.

  4. Hey, Amanda. We can definitely make it to Clinton to visit you before we leave. We will be back from Albuquerque around the 6th or 7th. Let's do it around then, if that works for you! :)

  5. Good morning, Amanda Lynne. I have no idea when you will find time to read this comment in and among all that is going on in your world. Whenever that may be, I wanted you to have some tangible proof that I am praying for you. Hopefully as you move through your days you will have the proof of these prayers in the obvious hand of God in your days. God still keeps His promises. That means He is watching over you and holding your sweet family in His strong right hand. Know that you are loved and lifted up.

    Grandpa Hat


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