Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Mental List

Okay, so it's not entirely mental b/c I'm typing it out for my blog...but you know...
  1. Make a list of places I need to change our address.
  2. Get info from new bank regarding new accounts there.
  3. Reserve moving truck/movers etc...
  4. Make list of places to stop services--gas, electric, etc.
  5. Determine what kind of internet services are available in our new town.
  6. Determine best cell phone coverage company for the area.
  7. Figure out if we're getting satellite or cable or bunny ears. lol. We've only had cable for 6 months during our marriage, and it was a gift for my birthday. We watch most of our shows on the internet anyway.
  8. Check out auto registration in Arkansas.
  9. Find out all the utilities to turn on in Arkansas.

Am I forgetting anything? My mommy brain needs your assistance.


  1. Don't forget that bunny ears won't work after Friday...unless you get the converter box!

  2. depending on where you are moving, check to see if the cable company offers any 3 for 1 deals. we have comcast which provides our phone (unlimited long distance w/ free voice mail and other calling features), high speed internet, and digital cable - all for under $100. that was a few years ago - i think the package deals have gotten even more competitive since then!

  3. Welcome back to Arkansas! Can I say that even though I'm not in Arkansas? Oh well. :-)

    To answer your questions...I have been in Ukraine 1 year and 1.5 months! haha I'm signed on for 2 years, but I may stay longer...not sure. I'm currently listening to what God has to say about that. Wanna come visit?!?!

  4. So...maybe no TV? I wish I could live that way. Maybe soon...but TV is my means of relaxing in my HECTIC life!

  5. I would be all about the new form of 'bunny ears' if I didn't have a news TV addict in the house. My in laws have always used bunny ears and now that it is digital, the reception is as good as digital cable. I'm sure it depends on the area, but I'd definitely check it out. I despise our cable bill more than any other. Not only do we 'have to' have the high definition channels, we also 'have to' have some kind of premium service. It's ridiculous. I hate it, but I didn't marry a penny pincher.

  6. Come on over! Bring em all along! I just happen to have a spare bed in my living room. :-)

  7. we love our converter box. the channels we get are clear as can be! we've never had cable so having great clear channels is fun. we get abc, cbs, nbc and fox. oh, and some hunting channel-yes!

  8. Phew! Take it one step at a time and eventually it'll all get done! I'm excited for you on this journey! Praise GOd about selling and buying a house! He is so good!


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