Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Takin' it down a notch.

Let's be unserious for awhile.

If you read my blog, I want you to comment (either on the blog or on Facebook), with your favorite corny joke. Then, I will post them all here so we can have a corny laugh, a pity laugh, or just an all-out belly laugh (if you like corny jokes, that is).

I'll start.

Why did the cowboy ride the horse into town?

Because he was too heavy to carry.

Your turn.


  1. I only know one joke and I learned it from a fourth year student back in my teaching days. Be warned it is a long one...

    So a panda walked into a cafe and much to the shock of the patrons went right up to the counter and demands a meal. The waiter was stunned, first that a panda can even talk, but even more that he was wanting to be served a meal there. Uncertain of what proper protocol may be, the waiter refused insisting that this just wasn't done. The panda argued saying this was in fact true to nature and if they didn't understand they could look him up in a dictionary. Frankly, pandas are big frightening creatures so the waiter conceded, thinking that it was best just to go along with it.

    The panda enjoyed his appetizer, his entree, and finally his dessert, something with ginger in it according to some witnesses. The waiter went above and beyond the call of duty to make him feel welcome, partially out of curiosity and partly out of concern for the other guests. After a waft of his napkin and a hearty sigh, the panda stood took out a gun and simply shot the waiter dead.

    The panda casually began to walk to the door to leave, but was stopped by a crowd of patrons who in astonishment of the whole scene forgot about their fear. Shouts rang out and everyone demanded to know why the panda had just shot the one person who had worked so hard to help him. His simple reply as he left the cafe, "I`m a panda. It's what I do."

    The crowd was stunned and silence filled the space over the dead waiter's body for a few moments until rumbles of questions rose. Should they call the police, animal control, the zoo? Why this cafe, this waiter? The words of the panda haunted one man who remembered his own briefcase... a dictionary was in his possesion. Could it really be that simple?

    Panda - P A N D A: a large bear with origins in Asia; Eats shoots and leaves.

  2. Q: What is Bruce Lee's favorite drink?

    A: "Wa-taaaaaaa!!!"

  3. knock knock
    who's there
    chugga chugga
    chugga chugga who?
    chugga chugga chugga chugga WHOOO WHOOO

    Noah loved to tell that joke when he was 2-3. He made the cutest little face on the "whooo whooo" part EVERY TIME

  4. ahhh i can't think of any jokes right now

  5. What do you get when cross a potato with a sponge?

    I don't know, but one thing's for sure, whatever it is, it can hold a LOT of gravy!

    Ha, lame right?! ;)


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