Friday, September 25, 2009

The Things I Saw There

The main purpose for going to Norfolk was to attend Angela and Craig's wedding (heard them referred to as "Crangela", and I haven't stopped chuckling about it!). I briefly got to see Ange on Thursday night, and she looked like a radiant, slightly stressed bride. There were so many people to talk to, mingle with, and details to remember. She did her best making her way around the room.

It's weird because I haven't seen her in probably about 10 years. So, my only communication with her has been over the last three years in the blog world. I became enthralled with her new life in Africa, and I enjoy reading her blog and seeing her pictures. She has changed so much, but when I saw her again in person, she was still Ange.

Her wedding was BEAUTIFUL. I loved how Jesus was the centerpiece of their ceremony. I could feel the presence of the Holy Spirit hovering in the sanctuary. It was really amazing. She looked so gorgeous. Her dress was killer. Go to Joanna's blog to see pics from the wedding. It was so fun to watch Jo in her element running around snapping pictures. That was a gift in itself!

I felt so many beautiful moments that weekend, and the wedding really stood out to me. Even the reception was so holy to me. I saw everyone dancing and celebrating, and I couldn't help but think of how someday, the church will have her wedding day, and there will be a great celebration!!!

Craig was very nice. I'm so glad I got to meet him. He is perfect for Angela. I love their shared vision and the way their hearts are entwined on many levels. I snapped a couple of blurry photographs at the reception during the first dance. They are an amazing-looking couple! My pictures are poor, but I needed something to remember that night.

The kiss during their first dance as husband and wife. I kind of like the blur for this.

Flash really can ruin a picture! They're still great looking.
I also really enjoyed being in a harbor city while I was in Norfolk. I didn't realize there would be ships everywhere. They were pretty cool. I was wishing the whole time that Dave and the kids were with me. They would have loved seeing the big ships.

I took this at sunrise the day I left.

This one too.

This one was a daytime pic on my first day there. I love how industrious it looks.
It was so fun to be in a place with a different culture and landscape. It is on my list of places to return to someday with the family. There's so much history there, and it is so fresh-feeling.
Next post: my friends, old and new.


  1. looks great! sounds like the wedding was really beautiful. i did check out joanna's site - she really is amazing.

    i still say if you guys decide to tour the coast, you can make our home your central location for the baltimore / dc part of your trip.

  2. 1. the haircut looks great!
    2. the pictures in your friend's blog are beutiful, especially the one w/ Lucy. It gave me warm feelings in my tummy!
    3. Sorry about your credit card theft situation. It is very very upsetting. I had a similar situation, but w/ my identity! It's humiliating and humbling. It makes me rely more on God and not myself.
    4. can't think of a 4th??? Come see us sometime. YOu can definatly afford it! I know you would rather go to India or somewhere more exotic, but think about it!


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