Tuesday, September 15, 2009


I got home on Sunday afternoon.

It was wonderful. I want to tell you all about it, but I have to wait.


Because right now, I am seething.


Someone compromised my debit card number while I was in Virginia.
They are using it on telecommunications (about $600 worth).
They used it at Lowe's ($400+).

So, I can't talk about how lovely my trip was or how wonderful it was to meet Joanna and Katie. (Yes, I got to meet Katie as well b/c her plans changed).

So, after I calm down, you can expect a post (or three...I have several in my head currently).

I keep thinking, "Was it that waitress at Chili's? Or the ATM I used at the mall? Or the other waitress at Joe's Crab Shack? Or was it the parking attendant?" Seriously.

Thank God He is the judge and not me.

Pray for me, and use cash when dining out. I should have known better.


  1. Bummer!!! That really stinks. What a way to ruin a good vacation.

  2. Man I'm SO sorry. I'll be praying. That is incredibly frustrating. My mom is dealing with a similar issue right now only they had some checks stolen and closed the account but they keep getting letters threatening legal action because someone has been writing forged checks (and apparently the nimwits at various restaurants and department stores don't have enough sense to compare the name to that on the driver's license because they didn't take that too). DRAMA. I feel for you. Praying. Let me know how it goes. *hug*

  3. Grrr! So frustrating! A good reminder to use cash. I take for granted that these should be honest people walking away with my card all of the time.

    On other notes, it was great to see you and your beautiful fam the other day at church. Come visit more often!

  4. oh girlfriend, good word on GOD BEING THE JUDGE, ooh, he's gonna be MAD about this too girl!


    girl i had something freaky happen to me today. hopefully it was just me being extra cautious but we went to a fast food place for lunch. a male worker came up and was being very nice to us (shane was not with us/we were with a friend and her kids). he gave the baby a toy and then gave me a kids club card to fill out for a free something or other.

    it struck me right then and there that if i filled that card out he would know my name/kids name/etc. creepy.

    girl, have you watched bon qui qui at king burger? if not google it, it's good for a laugh.

    and in the meantime, i'm callin' sekurity!

  5. I've been following your blog for several months and love how you can sew, probably what hs inspired me so much! Sorry about the debit card, but I actually work as a Banker for BofA and numerous customers are getting card #'s taken by Sam's, Walmart and out to eat places. Waiters have little cameras, pens with cameras.. it's amazing. Sam's and Walmart are the top places!

  6. That stinks! That's happened to us. We were in Africa and someone in FL got a hold of it!


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