Monday, April 6, 2009


I am officially moving away from Xanga. I'm sad about it, but I feel it is inevitable.

Xanga is dead (or at the very best, on its deathbed).

With the exception of the wonderful few that continue to post and update regularly, most people are not even lurking anymore. Plus, the layout of xanga is just getting to be kind of old-school, and I'm a progressive sort of girl. I love my Xanga community dearly, and I will continue to read and comment on your blogs. But, I will be moving to Blogger.

I can't afford to pay for a blog and go to typepad (which is where I really want to go). I have noticed that on most other blogs, xanga is not supported. It has been a good run for the last three years, but as I prepare for my physical move, I will also go ahead and make a cyber move. :)

My new blog address is: Please stop in, say hello, and add me to your RSS, bookmarks, or favorites. I still want to hear from you. If you don't see your blog in my bloglist on the right, it is because you have Sign-In Lock activated, and I could not add you. I will retain my xanga blog for both comments and privileges. I will not delete it.

So with that, I conclude my final xanga post. "Parting is such sweet sorrow..."


  1. I'm happy you are I can keep up! :)

  2. Welcome! Blogger has treated us well, so I'm sure you won't be disappointed . . . but not matter where you are, we just love knowing what the Geidl's are doing. :)

  3. Welcome to blogspot! We are happy to have you. :-) hahahaha

  4. hey! i'll add you to my RSS. and i'll tell you i had a creepy stalker a few years ago on blogger, and got no support from the the blogger team on how to block be sure and add sitemeter if you haven't already. just to keep tabs on who's lookin. how's the house stuff coming along?

  5. Love the new look;) I'll be sure to make changes on my blog. We just put our house up for sale and are making all the fun changes with it. The one thing I dread is keeping the house clean and decluttered for people looking at the house. I feel your pain;) We're leaving AR and moving back to Missouri.


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