Saturday, April 18, 2009

Plumb tuckered out.

Maryn called Craisins "razzraisins" today. I have no idea why. Just recording that for posterity's sake.

We've been putting flyers in our infobox each night and keeping track of how many are taken. So far, 39 have been taken. I'd say that isn't bad for 6 days. We've had three inquiries on the house. One lady rang the doorbell and asked if we were having an open house. Two people called. One of them wanted to look at the house today, and we settled on three o'clock. Dave and I worked our tails off getting it ship-shape, and she was a no-show. I called and left a message for her on her voicemail. I don't get that ethic at all. Why even bother telling someone you're going to come (knowing full well that they're going to be preparing and waiting for you) and then not come or call to say you're not coming? What is that?

We're having an open house tomorrow afternoon. Thankfully, the house is ready to show, and hopefully, the people who are interested will come. It'll be interesting, I'm sure. Please pray that God will send our buyer tomorrow.

Here's a bit of news I haven't shared yet. Dave leaves for Uzbekistan on Monday, and he'll be gone for 12 days. 12. Days. 12.

I know it'll be fine, but I'm going to miss him. The kids are going to miss him. Please pray that Sam gets man-time elsewhere. I don't wrestle well. I'm trying to think of some ways to make the time pass quickly. Ideas are welcome. Thankfully, we will have the car at our disposal. I'm afraid I may spend more money than usual while he's gone. I am planning on doing an inventory of the restaurants that have "Kids Eat Free" nights so we can go out a few times. My kids are really good in restaurants--Thank God!--so that would be a good way to spend early evening time before bed. I need to have some kind of plan, or I'm going to go nuts.

This also means that I have to give them baths. I'm spoiled. Dave is the bath man. It's his thing that he does with the kids. I am not a good bath giver. I get irritated and impatient and just want them out of there as quickly as possible. I don't like wet floors. Pray for me.

So, as you're finishing your reading of this post. Go ahead and offer up a prayer NOW that way you don't forget. I really need them!!!


  1. I TOTALLY understand about the bath thing..that has been Ben's thing as well from day one. I will be praying for you this week!

  2. I will totally pray. That's a long time. Wish you already lived close and we could have playdates to pass the time quicker. :)

    The ball games last one hour. They don't keep score, they get to bat roundrobin or until they have three outs. Its a great year for learning. :)

  3. Gosh, it's hard enough having Craig gone and me being single, but you are a MOM of THREE. I'll be remembering you in prayer indeed. :) I am totally intrigued about Dave's trip to Uzbek though! It is SO on my list of places to go - what is he going for?! I'm impressed with your plan of action already in place - you'll do wonderfully, I'm sure :)

  4. Already prayed, and will pray this week for the team going to UZBKSTN. The no show is not nice. Any interns interested in seeing the house? I'll keep praying.

  5. I have already been praying for all of you guys this morning. I am thankful for you that Dave is normally home to give the baths. I can imagine that is a big blessing. Again, this is a long week for the Jacob so call any time!

  6. I sooo wish i lived near you, I would check out the "kids eat free" places and help you check your info box!
    I will pray that this time goes by really fast!
    Love, JO


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