Monday, April 13, 2009

What We've Been Up To

So many things in that past week that I've been meaning to blog about. So here's a catch up:

We dedicated Lucy Claire on April 5th. It was a special time with our family and our church family.

Pastor Roger anointing her with oil as he prays over her--
that she will be a clear, bright light as her name says.

I, of course, can't stay away from projects in the busiest season of my life. I'm an addict.

Here is a baby quilt I made for a baby who was born about 2.5 months ago...yeah, I'm behind.

Sadly, there are so many coming, and I know I can't do any more at the moment. So sorry...I wish I could, but I have GOT to focus on selling our house! :)

Well, then I found another project on

I'm taking this shirt:

And with this shirt, I will make a dress for Maryn. Check out the link above to see before and after results of the demo dress. So cute. Can't wait to finish all my spare time. Ha!

Yesterday was Resurrection Sunday! It was awesome. I love our local body so much. It was a loud day of praise for our Risen Savior! Here is the best picture (I'm not even kidding) of our kids:

Don't you love the blurriness and the haphazard poses? We tried. We really did. Tripod and everything. It didn't matter.

And, something we've been doing A LOT of lately is paper airplanes. Every day, both kids (at some point in the day) will ask me to make them a paper airplane. I know how to make a traditional, basic plane. No problem...except they don't fly well. Well, I did some interweb searching, and I have found that there are several tutorials on youtube that are quite good. Here is the best airplane I've found so far, and it flies really well.

So, the kids were pretty satisfied with this plane...until today. Sam decided he wanted a PAPER CAR. What? I didn't even know you could make cars out of paper. Well, you can. Once again, it was youtube to the rescue! I found a two-part video (Part 1 and Part 2), and 20 minutes later, I made this:

So, that is what we're doing these days...what about you?


  1. wow - i had no idea how much maryn and lucy looked alike until that pic! sounds like you're busy! hope your house sells soon so you can get busy on all your projects :)

  2. LOVE the baby dedication photo. I can almost feel the holy spirit in the room with you guys.

    And at least the only good picture of the kids isn't of them all crying! It could be worse! :)

    Love you!

  3. busy as always, huh? glad to see things are going well. we're doing ok - my nerves are still settling after tucker's incident on sunday...but we're good. i'm still trying to get used to this site. any suggestions?

  4. I am enjoying reading your blog...I love to see pictures of the kiddos!! Feel free to come check out our blogspot too. We're :-)

  5. Lucy is getting SO big! I had her pictured in my mind as still tiny little newborn! She's so beautiful! (And so is her sister and brother!) What a beautiful family you have!

    The dedication picture is so precious. Those times are always so amazing. I treasure the things the pastor says over each one of my kids, just as I'm sure you do. It's so interesting to see them grow up and become the things that were spoken over them!

    I love the honesty in your posts. I love the fact that you couldn't get the "picture perfect" Easter picture of your kids. It made me want to post the Easter picture of our kids that wasn't so great... just as a memory. :) Your transparency is refreshing.

    Have a wonderful day. THIS is the day that the Lord has made!!

  6. I LOVE that quilt...can't wait to get married and have a baby one day so I can get a Geidl original! :-) Will that day EVER come?!?!


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