Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Today, we are one step closer to finishing the many unexpected projects around the house. The tree has been chainsawed. The ceiling and wall are sheetrocked and mudded waiting for texture, primer, and paint. The bathtub is caulked, and so far, no more leaks. T'ings are almost finished. The shed needs to be put up. Got that on the agenda.

I'm tired.

It's Passion Week, and I honestly need to get focused on Him. So, I'm off to Bible study where I'm going to hear all about a trip to the Holy Land. Hopefully, the rest of my day will fall into place. I need to make some room for Him and just talk to Him. He's so compassionate and gracious. I love His patience with me. It's so delightful to know He rejoices over me with singing. I know He laughs at me a lot more than I laugh at myself. I get so serious about stuff, and I know He's just giggling at how worked up I get. :)

He's good, folks. If you don't know Him, let me know, and I'll introduce ya.


  1. I can't believe you're on blogger! But anyway, welcome to blogger! You're such a good writer that I'm sure you will always have tons of comments about your posts!

  2. wow! you got all your sites on here fast!!
    No, administration has not changed. I guess they've just decided to make a system-wide policy whereas before it was left up to my principal.


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