Thursday, April 16, 2009

Taking a Break (picture update at the bottom)

I've been wanting to pack up my sewing stuff for awhile now. I packed away some of it, but there were just these couple of projects I had to finish before packing it all away. Well, I finished the baby quilt (as you saw the other day), and I finished the dresses I intended to make--even if they're ill-fitting.

The very last thing on my list was to make a Spring/Summer purse. You may recall the Fall purse I made while pregnant with Lucy. I blogged about how I would never make another one. It's probably no shock to you that I did make another one! It was much easier this time around because I had already made one and I knew what my previous pitfalls were. Well, aside from breaking two needles (I didn't have any larger ones which I needed!), it was fairly pitfall-free. Which, after reading that post again, I'm not sure why I made the exact mistake again...history must be doomed to repeat itself; well, at least in the case of my purse, it is! Anyway, the purse turned out beautifully, and I am so excited to use it.

My Second "Pleated Beauty Handbag" (designed by Amy Karol in Bend the Rules Sewing)

I love how roomy it is. I used a white linen knockoff fabric to contrast with the beautiful oceanic fabric. I know it probably get dirty, but honestly, it is the best color for the bag. I'm so glad I didn't find a brown linen to match.

Here's a pic so you can see how large the bag is next to me:

Today is a cleaning day...again. The clutter is down, which is nice. The bathrooms need a scrubbin' as do my floors. It's overcast, so we'll see how much I actually accomplish.

Today is also Lucy's 5 month birthday. I can't believe she's 5 months old. It's flying by. She's been able to roll from belly to back for awhile now, but yesterday (in honor of her birthday, I'm sure), she decided to roll from back to belly. :) She is such a sweet girl. I couldn't have a happier baby (unless there are the kind out there that NEVER cry). I am so blessed with this little one. I think back to those who gasped in horror that I was pregnant for a third time--as if a third baby would "ruin" our little family of four. They couldn't have been MORE wrong. She is exactly what we all needed. We all love this little girl. It would be impossible not to!

She gets this silly half-grin from her mommy.

The hair is still wild, but, my goodness, look at those eyes!

And just so you can see how big she's growing...a pic next to me (do not mind my disgusting t-shirt). What's funny is that both Sam and Maryn were bigger than her at this stage! She's a lightweight compared to some other babies we've seen lately!

Have a beautiful day!


  1. When I made Elijah's diaper bag it ended up being a much more laborous project than I anticipated, but I was happy with it when finished. You got me looking at that "Made" site... which made ME want to make all sorts of stuff. Gave me an inkling into what I'd do if I didn't work. But, alas, I do and just don't have the time. Fun to look at though... and think "maybe this summer."

  2. love the bag!! very stylish, and i like the size. for the past 6-8 mos or so, i quit carrying a diaper bag, and would just use a larger purse with a diaper and wipes in it. and now that he's ALMOST pt'd, i won't need those either. come august though, i'll be starting over and that's okay :)

    can't believe people actually think a CHILD would ruin something in the family. people be crazy.

  3. The purse is fresh, it looked smaller in the first picture, but the one next to you, wow! You can fit all that you need with three kids in that!!! I agree the white makes it look more "Spring" and modern.
    Do you have spring fever with all the cleaning and sewing you are doing? LOL!

    Lucy is a doll baby, her smile is adorable!!! I agree with you three is wonderful!

    Love, JO

  4. She is growing and yes she has beautiful eyes!
    I like the bag you made!

  5. I am finally getting around to adding you as a blogspot friend! I started a blog on here just for my art projects, because I have that professional website of my art work and want to include a blog in the near future. So anyhow, here I am. :) Xanga is really dead.

    Those pictures of Lucy are adorable! Great job on the bag too. I love making new bags! Well..should I say, I love it when I have made a new bag...the making part isn't always my favorite when it comes to sewing... ;)


  6. I love the purse and I want to see a pic of the inside!

  7. oh yeah, and what is UP with monster babies these days?? people often comment that jack is small, but sometimes i want to say, No, your kid is just paul bunyan! :D there's one at our church, who's 5 mos old and 22 jack (2) weighs 26...for reals
    little lucy is an absolute doll!!

  8. great bag! very nice...
    and, oh, how lucy has grown. she reminds me so much of my lucy at that age...b/c of the hair! so cute :)

  9. AH! I love that bag! I want one! How, pray tell, may I get such a lovely bag?

  10. Love the purse!!! Sooo cute. You're sooo stinkin' talented.


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