Thursday, April 23, 2009

Random and Quick

I know I love to read random posts, so I hope you will indulge mine.

Dave is fine. He made it safely. Had to run to catch a plane in Germany. Made it without the suitcase containing his otoscope, socks, and underpants. Stink. Literally.

I got to actually hear his precious voice last night. He skyped me using someone else's computer. I was so thankful. It does make a world of difference to hear his voice. Hmmm...I'll be thinking about that whole voice thing...I'm sure there is a post in there somewhere...

Maryn has a weird rash on her lower legs and the underside of her forearms. I don't handle rashes well. I'm scared to death of things like scabies, hand foot mouth, you know, anything contagious that requires you to bleach your house and keep everyone quarantined. We're going to the doctor in about an hour. Thank God.

I'm okay. I'm sad and miss my husband. My grandma had a miniature stroke the other night. Praying she doesn't have a big one. She's my last grandma alive. I have two grandpas who haven't really stayed in touch, so I feel like she's IT in that department (except for Grandpa Hat). I am not ready for her to go quite yet.

Nothing more on the house. Flyers continue to disappear from the box, but the only phone call I've had this week was someone wanting to rent to own. No thanks. Not upset at the moment. I know it will all work out eventually.

I want a grey skirt--a flowy one made out of organic cotton with a little poofy slip. Oh, and with a fitted waistband. It's in my head, but I don't know if it exists.

I have had the "I wants" lately. Ugghhh. Well, I saw these, and thought, I'd like those as well, thank you.

I think these are wonderful in every sense of the word. Bed, Bath, & Beyond (my budget)...$100/4 place setting...ahhh, well, they're pretty to look at.

But, like I learned from the Floods (a couple who did some parenting classes with us), we love PEOPLE not things. So, I really like these dishes...

...but I love you. I do.


  1. I LOVE random posts....keep 'em coming!

  2. I really really really like them as well!!!!! I have been thinking that i want regualr white so the food would be the only decoration but these fit so perfectly with the rest of the house!
    You have great taste!!!
    Love, JO

  3. Very pretty dishes. Maybe someday...

    Where did Dave go? I like your new blog. Love the pic of you kissing Lucy on the other blog. So sweet.

  4. I saw those EXACT same dishes and got a wee bit excited b/c I'd like some new ones and LOVED those. Til I saw the "lenox" label followed by the price. Then I quickly said NEVERMIND!
    But I do love them. Surely there is an equally cute pattern by Corelle? lol

  5. Amanda, my name is Katie Hill.. I go to the summit and LOVE reading your blog.. do you mind if I add it to my list of links on our blog? If not thats ok I just wanted to ask!

  6. noooooo Lenox is great... that's why it is so expensive :)

  7. lovely...really
    glad dave is safe; glad you heard his voice
    hope they have socks and underwear where he's going.
    i'll be waiting to see your homemade gray skirt make it's way into the world... :)


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