Monday, August 17, 2009

Nieces, A Nephew, and This and That

I did clean up the house. It looked great. I didn't take pictures. Now it is a bit of a mess again. We went to see our extended family this weekend. It was nice to see everyone, but I must admit seeing my nieces and nephew was the highlight. :)

I got to see Britany, who is so much of a woman now, it freaks me out a little bit. It's hard to believe she was our flower girl and so little and now so tall and beautiful. I got to see her little sister, Jadlynne, who just turned one! I can't believe she's one. I am getting older moment by moment. Jadlynne had a birthday party, and it was fun to watch her stuff her mouth with cake and open her presents like a pro.

I got to see Case too. This kid is a bundle of energy and fun, but he is also genuine and sweet. I'm so thankful he and my kids are close in age; they have so much fun together. I did get to see 3 week old, Addison Mae, for the first time. She is a DOLL. She looks a lot like my brother, and that is a little strange to look at her and see so much of him there. (I could see Miranda there too, but I do think Chris' genes were a little dominant!) I think my brother is a grown-up man now--he has fathered a child and is dedicated to his family. I'm very proud of him. I was telling him that if I didn't know better, I'd think Case was his biological son because he acts so much like Chris did as a little boy! :) Addison better look out!

We went to hear William Paul Young speak last night. He wrote The Shack, in case you didn't know. There has been a lot of controversy over this book, and I understand it. I just don't agree with it (the controversy). I think the book is amazing and beautiful. It touched some deep places in me and awakened me to the truth of God's love for me. That can never be bad. :) I think the people who get up-in-arms over it need to be shaken--they need to know that the box they've put God in is of their own making, and He is not under their thumb. I found the book refreshing and eye-opening. It truly is a message of grace and freedom, which is what Jesus came to give us. Paul's talk last night was his story--where he came from, what happened along the way, and how Jesus healed him. It was beautiful, just like his book.

I finished He Loves Me by Jacobsen as well as Loving our Kids on Purpose by Silk (see earlier post of my book list). Both are fantastic. Jacobsen's book built on the truth of grace and freedom, and Silk's book applied those truths to parenting. I am excited about the place God is bringing me in these truths. Both are wonderful, refreshing reads, so check them out. I'm going to read a little fiction for now before I pick up any more of the books on my book list. I just picked up Adam by Dekker at the library. We'll see. He's a good writer, for the most part. Sometimes I don't like his word choices, but that's just me being a nerd and being irritated by Christian artists.

Okay, well, that's my update for the day. I must move on to menu planning and grocery list making. XoxoXO!


  1. The Shack is on my list to read!!

    From what I hear, some people are up in arms of the 'theology' of the book, but it's not a theology book-it is a fiction book.

    Someone said that is like opening up a Computer for Dummies book and looking for a spaghetti recipe. If you are looking for a theology book don't pick up a fiction book, pick up Systematic Theology and knock yourself out kid!

    Anyhoo-I totally agree with you about not putting God in a box.

    Sometimes American Christianity drives me crazy. We're a bunch of modern day Pharisees with our own set of unbiblical rules. We can have spiritual pious and judgemental critical attitutes when other's walks look a wee bit different from ours and that feels OK. Blah!

    Oh my, I'll hop off my soapbox now. Jeepers, how'd I get up there? :)haha!!!

    I will say this though. I'm so passionate about God's grace and being free in it because I used to be so bound up in rules for myself and my christianity. God has freed me from a lot of it and the result has been life and joy.

    Hopefully this isn't coming across as bitter. When I see my old self in others, I need a little more grace & compassion. With all this rambling I'll end. I'll let you know when I read the book though :)! And from what I hear, I'll probably love it!

    (man, a free therapy session-thanks! i feel much better now.

  2. haven't read the shack yet, but have considered it. however, i know a few people who didn't like it - even though it was fiction - mainly because it makes the Trinity too understandable. i don't know that it would bother me so much since i KNOW we won't understand the Trinity completely until we're in eternity; however, be careful not to knock those who didn't like the book, especially if they can really explain why. the Body is made up of many parts -especially spiritual gifting, which i think can play a role in things like this. i don't think it always has to do with letting the love of Jesus set them free. i think it's more like iron sharpening iron, and keeping the Body aware of issues that can divide us or prevent others from coming to Christ. i hope all that made sense. :) and believe me, i often have to remind myself of this when there's something that I'M pretty passionate about!

  3. I loved The Shack... it is the first fiction book that I actually underlined things in! As for the theology arguments... I just think that if it draws people into a deepened relationship with the Lord than who cares! God wants us to know Him and love Him.... He wants us to accept all the love He has for us... this book opened my eyes to a lot of different ideas that I had not thought of before and more importantly it reminded me that God is so much bigger than our human minds and all our theology will ever grasp!

  4. Hi- We drove through Arkansas on our way to and from Florida last week. I thought of you guys and wondered if we were passing close by to where you live now. Sorry my comment has nothing to do with what you posted. :)

  5. Loved the Shack and completely agree with what you said. I wanted to go see him speak in cabot but I was supposed to have a friend coming to church last week (who didn't show :( ) So I missed it. Was it good?

    Is it this week that I'm supposed to get to see you? :)


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