Friday, August 7, 2009

Leopard Print and a Lexus

This may be the scariest title I've ever posted. For reals.

I've mentioned in the past that this is the kind of doctor's wife I don't wanna be. So far, I'm pretty safe and far from that image.

I'm NOT a big deal.

I don't wanna be a big deal.

Yet, here in this little town, I can't help but feel like people look at me differently when they know who my husband is.

It makes me thankful for a '91 Acura, three kids in the backseat, me in my old thrift-store t-shirt with my flops and tiny ponytails. Everything in me resists the fancy.

Yet, when I've gone to Walmart nearly every day for a month, I am that person. Part of the reason I've gone is because I keep forgetting stuff, but the other reason is the whole getting-settled-again state. If I'm really honest, then it's also the I've-got-to-get-out-of-the-woods-and-see-other-humans state of being. I know (to the door-greeters) I must seem like a frivolous spend-thrift. I am, a little bit.

Yesterday, I mixed it up. I went to Thriftway and spent $70 on groceries. I felt pretty good about myself. I didn't use any coupons. I want to get back into that as well. The Total Money Makeover is about to dawn. Look out, money! You're about to get used on stuff that matters!

Back to the leopard print...

I feel like finding community here might be hard if people can't see beyond the whole status thing. It means I get to be more authentic, I think. I'm not talking about airing all my dirty laundry to any person I meet. I just mean learning to be real with people and really connecting on a human level, without pretense. It's my desire to find real community here with people who aren't like me--people who work in garages, people who work at the Super 8, people who are divorced, people who live on the lake with boats, people who drink too much, people who have never had a drink.

I so want to be like Jesus. I want to pour out my life and live in such a way that people don't know what kind of resources I have at my disposal, but at the same time, be willing to use my resources to heal, to touch, to serve.

You can take that leopard print and sell it. You can crash that Lexus.

I want something eternal and real.

I want to be little so He can be big.


  1. here here! thankfully, who we are usually comes out in the end... so much so that even if you WERE to wear leopard print, they'd eventually realize it's not you. just the thought makes me chuckle. i'm imagining you sitting over your sewing machine conjuring up a leopard print peasant skirt... haha...

  2. I'm back checking blogs and will post soon on mine. Anyway, I understand what you are writing about. Even as a missionary, you will be seen that way. Read this great book about a millionaire who becomes best friends with a homeless person. The title: "The same kind of different as me." This book is excellent and will give you great insight on this topic. Love you friend!

  3. Funny what people place upon us based on their own insecurities and desires. Just be who you are....that is always enough. And of course....enjoy the South. It is and can be such a great place.

  4. Well said. I've been self-conscience about this ever since we dated. I love everything about this post. You inspire me;) Elizabeth Murphy

    By the way...Brandon and I used to joke about getting His and Her Lexi...get it?? Ha ha!

  5. P.S. I misspelled self-conscious...please don't think I'm an idiot;) Elizabeth


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