Sunday, November 8, 2009

Technology is a poor friend.

I thought I would write a post from my new toy--an iPhone. And, in true Geidlbots fashion, I must share what this little machine has already taught me.

What I discovered today was that though I have the world at my fingertips, I still have the capacity to feel alone. Of course, this is incredibly ironic. Humankind's efforts to create a global society is quickly becoming a reality in much of the world. In order to stay in touch, we have created ways of communicating that no longer require audible voices or body language...but wait! It is called "the written word", isn't it?

Texting, IM and its counterparts (Facebook, Myspace, etc) allow us to communicate, but we miss out on the best parts of face to face interaction! We miss out on smiles.


Crow's feet, wrinkling up around your grandma's eyes.

I realized this today when I was struck with a spell of loneliness. I spent much of my day interacting with a screen. Yes, there were people on the other side talking back to me, but I missed out on the beautiful people I was surrounded with today.

A red-headed little boy, full of big ideas...
A blankey--chewing girl...
A smiley joygiver...
A bearded lover...

I hope I don't repeat this day in the future. A musician said it best, "Love the one you're with." Don't let your loved ones forget what your face looks like without the screen glare across it.

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  1. ah, the never-ending quest for balance. when you get there, text me with directions.

  2. I was very close to getting an Iphone this summer (I have an Itouch and can be online anywhere we I have wifi... I was facebooking an emailing all day without ever having to sit down at my computer. I have LOVED getting in touch with friends of the past but have been disturbed by the reality that I was just "writing on people's walls" instead of calling and talking to them. I have grown some old friendships but have found it easy to neglect the ones that are nearest to me.
    Needless to say, I did not get the Iphone... still want it though....

  3. Yes, I agree completely!!!! skype me whenever you want! :)


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