Thursday, November 26, 2009

The Turkey Invasion

We are overrun by turkeys today.

I thanked the turkey for giving up its life for us today as I rubbed the poultry seasoning into his muscle. I had heard before that some American Indian tribes did that whenever they hunted deer or buffalo--thanked the animal for its sacrifice.

More importantly, I would like to give thanks to the greatest Giver I know.

Thank you, Jesus, for your Love, your Grace, your Kindness, your Redemption, and your Blessings--too many to count.

Thank You, especially, for my

Thank You for their very different personalities that bring so much color to my life.

Thank You for my husband. Thank You for how beautiful You're making his feathers.

Thank You for my three little children who teach me more and more about You.

Thank You for being You.

Happy Thanksgiving from our flock to yours!!!

Note: I made these turkeys (except for Dave's gray and blue one--he made it) from the tutorial on THIS WEBSITE.

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  1. love it!!! those little hand turkeys are just too much... I'm SO gonna steal that idea;0)


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