Wednesday, November 4, 2009

A Few Things I've Been Up To ::Photo Edition::

There are so many pictures I've taken over the last two months that I will have to do several posts to accommodate our goings-on. I'll begin with a couple of sewing projects I've completed.

My good friend and former college roomie, Megan, is going to have a baby in January. Her hometown is about 1.5 hours from my house, so I was able to go to her baby shower a couple of weeks ago. Megan has been sewing for years. In college, she would always say things like, "Oh, don't buy that, I could make it." However, she rarely would actually make it. :) So, when it came time to make her a baby gift, we started chatting, and I discovered she might be needing a diaper bag. I made one for myself before Lucy was born. So, she picked out some fabric, and I made her this cute bag for her baby boy/girl (they're not finding out until Christmas).

I added the red trim for a little pop of color.

Then, I had talked with Marla about making a gift for Marley. She said that a quilt would be fine. Her colors were pink and orange. I had a bit of trouble finding fabric I loved (I prefer JoAnn Fabric to Hancock's, but Hancock's is closer). I got a little inspiration and came up with this quilt.

The colors are actually a little faded because some of the red bled onto the lighter fabrics, so I had to use Rit Color Remover. It worked, but it did fade some of the fabrics. I don't pre-wash generally because I like how the puckers cover up my mistakes, but I probably should have since I used red flannel on the back of the quilt.

We did make our yearly outing to the pumpkin patch. It was fun, and it was really hard to get good pictures of our wiggly kids. I need to work on those pictures, but here are a couple of fall-ish pictures.

These are some pumpkins that I thought were darling. And I liked that they are called "Cinderella" pumpkins. :)

My feet, leaves and green grass. Whee.

This is the creek behind our house. It has been so full and beautiful this autumn. I'm very blessed to be surrounded by so much beauty.

More to come. Stay tuned...


  1. Amanda, Lamar and I just love that picture of the creek and fall leaves. It was so awesome to see a glimpse of fall in Arkansas. Thanks for sharing some of "home" with us!

  2. beautiful! all of it.
    i was thinking about you because i'm considering a sewing project. i want to re-do the girls' room but don't want to buy everthing. we'll see how this goes...

  3. The creek is huge! I mean that is like the creek i drive to with my kids and spend Summer afternoons at, you have one in your backyard!!! My favorite memory is reading pride and prejudice and watching the kids for hours...

    The quilt is delightful, bright and happy!

    youdo such good work, the bag is a wonderful gift as well!

    Love, Jo

  4. That diaper bag looks so similar to mine. It's super cute!! And I love love love my quilt. Thanks a bazillion!!!

  5. You do such good work! And that creek picture...oh my goodness, I am jealouse! :) What a gorgeous thing to have in your backyard. Love every moment you have in God's greatest gift: nature.


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