Thursday, November 19, 2009

Slowing Down

With all the madness and loveliness of my birthday, we managed to wear ourselves out. We traveled a lot, made messes in between our traveling, and now it is time to re-center and FOCUS.

My goal is to get back to normal as quickly as possible so that Thanksgiving can be relaxing. Yesterday, I had a long list of things to do. I didn't get to cross off many (just "shower" and "make grocery list and menu"). We did, however, manage to go to the store and get everything for the week and for Thanksgiving.

I love Thanksgiving food.

Today, Dave went back to work since his vacation is officially over. I love having him home, but if he is home, I don't get anything done. :) I'm glad we're all back where we belong. The house is slowly coming together. Our vacuum is dying. I saw smoke coming out of the bottom. It smelled funny.

I do not like having a canister vacuum. I miss having a bag that I can throw away 0r better yet--BURN (especially when we're having our yearly autumnal battle against Woodrow's fleas). I know that's not environmentally savvy, but it is one of those things that make my skin crawl. I would like your vacuum suggestions.

I have so many sewing and crafty projects in my mind and on my shelf. I need to get going. I keep hopping from project to project. I think my goal this year will be to finish THAT ADVENT CALENDAR I started two years ago. I made a mistake on it, and will essentially be starting from Step 2. Kind of hard to get motivated...but I'm also toying with the idea of inventing MY OWN advent calendar...if I do, perhaps there will be a tutorial to follow.

Do you guys do Advent Calendars? I love the one my friend, Cinthya, has--it tells the Christmas story or the significance of each symbol--all made of felt. I LOVE FELT.

So, here's to nesting and being at home!

I told Dave last night, "I wish that my house was always sparkling and that the kids would dance around me with daisy chains while I sewed." We giggled.


  1. i know what you mean about being home!!
    we bought a dyson about 4 years ago and I LOVE IT. weldon was inside at the time, and it saved that carpet. gosh its definitely worth the money!!

  2. I love thanksgiving food too... I bout two little turkey breasts (David actually thought they were mini-turkeys ha!) 2.5 lbs each, $7 at Kroger... we had one on Monday and will have the other sometime after thanksgiving... and if they go on more of a sale, I'll stock up!
    The pattern is Simplicity 2551. I made it to use as a diaper bag, but it would make a great purse, so I'm thinking I won't put Levi's name on it. I might just put an "S." I do think it needs something on the band.
    (happy belated birthday)

  3. Yes, the advent calendar is an awesome way to do family devotionals and get your kids involved in them too! I think you would do a great job making your own up. Joel's mom has the pattern of the one she gave to us. She made it for us. So just call her if you want the pattern. Of course, you can always find one online. I'm also so glad you had a wonderful birthday!!! You are much loved, especially by the ones that you love the most (Jesus, Dave, Sam, Maryn, and Lucy!). Happy Birthday to both of you!

  4. i second Jill's comment about the dyson. i got one about 2 years ago for chuck's birthday (the man loves all floor-cleaning equipment). it is fantastic! easy to use - super powerful - and easy to empty (no bags to replace!).


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